Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Two things today

A couple of things to post about. First:

At Wake Forest, researchers have found a way to isolate embryonic stem cells without destroying the embryo. This could potentially end the debate on the controversial research. Embyronic stem cells without loss of life. They do it by harvesting the cells from amniotic fluid. The results are, so far, very good.

So, this is wonderful news, right? At last, we can put this issue aside. It's a win-win. We get the research one side wants while protecting the sanctity of human life the other side wants. It couldn't be better. The compromise seems to be a given. Wrong.

The "other" side is already saying that prior research on destroyed embryos should continue. Why? Because it is seven to eight years ahead of the research that would be done on amniotic stem cells. That's right, seven to eight years. That's how much value human life has for some people. Seven to eight years. Continue destroying embryos so we don't lose seven to eight years of research...

Next, in California, the Governor has announced that every citizen will have health insurance. Everyone in California will have health coverage? Great....well, hang on a second. There's a catch. Every business with ten or more employees will be required to make health care available to their employees, or pay into a state general fund. The bill for global health care will be footed by businesses. And since most larger corporations already offer health care to their employees, it will be the small businesses that take the hit here. Remember, it's small business that acts as the foundation of the economy.

Business owners statewide are already saying this will cause a cutback on jobs. Unemployment will go up. Business growth will slow. The economy will stall. They're already saying it. That's why this is a bad idea. Health care CAN'T be provided by the government because it costs too much, and that cost has to be recovered by more taxes which ultimately harms the economy. So the people of California may get health care, but they'll be unemployed in a stagnant economy. What's worse?

The solution to this is simple, I've already laid it out in a previous post. The point is, bigger government is NOT the answer. If the Governor gets his way, this will be disastrous on the California economy. But something tells me it's gonna happen.


Allisoni Balloni said...

I just want to point out that embryonic stem cell research utilizes embryos that would be discarded if they weren't a part of this research. The "sanctity of life" would be destroyed anyway. Why not choose the option that contains possible solutions? I agree that the new amniotic fluid discovery is valuable and that it is something of a win-win situation, but I did want to correct what you said about destorying life in the process of the current research. Unless the invitro process changes and the unused embryos are no longer destroyed,the current research is not taking life that would otherwise be taking place.

Anonymous said...

Point is though, America could have been patient and avoided a political debate, or it could have gone the way it did because we didn't look at the other options.

Allisoni Balloni said...

There were not other options until enough research was done to yield this discovery. What is currently being utilized was the only option with these results.