Friday, January 19, 2007

American Bolsheviks

Here is a report by Cliff Kincaid of What this contains is truly frightening, and immediately brings thoughts of the Bolshevik Revolution. Recently, in Memphis, a conference was held supporting fairness in broadcasting. In attendance were several progressive congressional leaders along with popular lefties like George Soros, Jesse Jackson, Jane Fonda, Danny Glover and Geena Davis. In addition, official exhibitors at the conferece included the Revolutionary Communist Party and the 9/11 Truth Movement. Yes, some prominent political leaders were at a conference that included Communists and people who claim the American government carried out 9/11 in order to start a Middle Eastern war. But that's not the frightening part. The purpose was to promote "fairness" in American broadcasting, starting with conferences like this one and eventually taking their cause to Washington. Supposedly, after the '08 election (assuming a Democrat wins the White House), they hope to have a vote on the issue.

So what's the issue? There is concern among the Left that American media has become too conservative. Yes, try to keep the laughter to a minimum. Specifically, they are targeting talk radio and certain TV news channels. What they want is equal time on ALL programs - TV or radio - that contain political content. And they want the government to enforce it.

Let that sink in for a moment. Think about it. The Progressive Left is pursuing an agenda that would have the federal government monitoring free speech to ensure equal time for all political points of view. If that doesn't cause a sinking feeling in your gut, then you know nothing of history. This is the seed of a socialist revolution if I've ever seen it.

Here is an example. Suppose I'm listening to the radio and I hear someone say something political, but there is no rebuttal offered. I can call the FCC or whatever government entity that is set up to enforce "broadcasting fairness" and file a complaint. They then investigate and demand equal time on that radio show. If it isn't given, then there would be consequences. This is how free speech dies. And remember, these are the very people who stage "protests" of Conservative speeches and take things to the extreme, shouting down the speakers and even resorting to violence to silence them. Don't believe me? Just watch the news for one week. You'll see an example of this occuring. And this isn't just a radical branch of the Left. This conference was attended by several congressional leaders, people who have already been elected.

Every day it becomes more evident to me that there exists in America a powerful group of people who seek a full-blown revolution. They are motivated and well-funded. They are enemies of the US Constitution. What they want is government control of everything, from finances to broadcasting. They want socialism across the board, and they want their opponents silenced. The only thing that separates them from the Bolsheviks is that they don't have the military ability to carry out a full-blown coup. No, they're using the courts, legislation and bully tactics to push their agenda and it's becoming quite a concern. All Americans, regardless of political affiliation need to acknowledge that this agenda will not be tolerated. We need to acknowledge that these people exist and will not succed in their attempts to transfrom our country into a Soviet state. If we fail, they will strengthen, and the terrorists overseas will be the least of our concerns.

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