Thursday, January 11, 2007

The road to economic chaos

Dems to seek universal health care

What Governor Arnold wants for California, the Dems also want for all of America. Ted Kennedy appears to be leading the charge that was once led by Hillary Clinton. Universal health care for all Americans. Sounds great on the surface, as do many of the Democrats plans, but there is more to it.

Since California will likely push forward with this, I think we should watch and see what happens. The results are going to be disastrous. Here are a few scenarios:

The government begins paying for healthcare for all, which means the healthcare community will suddenly be inundated with millions of patients who have had little previous care. Following natural rules of supply and demand, access to care will take a hit. Soon, it will be harder to get an appt with the local primary care doc. Not only that, but certainly payments to clinics and hospitals will be limited. We’ve seen that with every government-run health system. They always underestimate the cost and when the budget gets squeezed by over-utilization (abuse of the system), the result is cutting costs by limiting payments. So now the docs are seeing more patients, ie working harder, and getting paid less for it. This will ultimately lead to a flight of healthcare providers from California, thereby further limiting access and driving demand even higher. Soon, there will be months-long waiting lists to get care.

You see, socializing medicine is a proven failure. Why do physicians from overseas come to America to practice? Because the environment is better. Change that environment, and access to care will suffer.

But that’s not all. Since California will extend benefits to illegal immigrants, we will also see a large influx of these people into California, either from Mexico or from other border states where the illegal immigrants currently live. Infrastructure and the basic economy gets further strained, since many of these people require other government-sponsored entitlements to live. The budget grows, and so do the taxes. And since the small businesses of California will be hit especially hard by this, many of them will cut jobs, limit employment, or even close their doors. Some will simply pack up and move out of state. Again, the economy suffers.

And Ted Kennedy wants this for ALL of America? Big mistake. There is a better way. It may be more difficult to implement, but it’s better in the long run. If Congress takes the easy route and passes universal health care, we’re in for some trouble.


John said...

Well stated John, couldn't agree more. Canada has not had good luck with it's system either. With your post in mind, why did so many Americans vote to put a bunch of stinking Liberals back in Congress!

My guess is lack of information and understanding of what the long term effects are of such a program.

Americans need LESS interference from Washington in they're lives. But, the Dems and Liberals want to control us all, from cradle to grave. This socialized medical program only augments this idea.

Anonymous said...

History shows that the more socialization goes on, the worse the quality of life in a given state is. You're on target with this post.

Dan Trabue said...

"Americans need LESS interference from Washington in they're lives."

This is rich, given that the last three Republican "conservative" administrations have grown government in size and intrusivity and the last horribly flawed Democratic administration either slowed the growth or shrunk the gov't (I forget which).

Please forgive us (we the people who put the "stinkin' Liberals" back in Congress in hopes of a little more sanity and a smaller, less intrusive gov't) if we find that hard to swallow.