Monday, January 29, 2007

Slick Hilly

Hillary’s joke slams husband

Hillary has been in Iowa, starting her ’08 presidential campaign. During a recent question – answer session, a gentleman asked her if she could handle evil men like Osama Bin Laden were she to become president. Her response was to repeat the question with a raised-eyebrow look. This from the linked article: Clinton grabbed the mike and told the audience that the questioner wanted to know "what in my background equips me to deal with evil and bad men." She then smiled, raised her eyebrows and nodded knowingly at the questioner.

Of course, this drew prolonged laughter as slowly the audience understood what she was referring to. Later, Clinton denied that she was referring to her husband, but I think the people at the session saw it otherwise. The result, Hillary looks as though she actually does have a sense of humor (not forgetting her Ghandi/gas station joke a few years back) and is trying to be more likable. She is a master politician.

What’s interesting about this is that after the laughter died down, she still hadn’t answered the question. It was a clever, witty dodge of a very pertinent question, and we still don’t know how she would deal with evil men.

Suppose she was referring to her husband. How did she deal with that? He betrayed her. He betrayed their marriage, and embarrassed her before the entire world. And what did she do? She stuck with him. Is that how she plans to deal with evil men around the world?

Suppose we take her word, and she wasn’t referring to Bill. She still didn’t answer the question. And we can’t take her voting record for any indication of future performance. After all, she voted for the war, said that Saddam was a dangerous threat to America, that he DID have WMDs; then voted to continue funding the war, the whole time voicing support for Bush until recently when she now says that HE created the problem in Iraq. So, her position has flip-flopped, and she doesn’t acknowledge the role that US partisan politics has had in creating the mess in Iraq. Is that how she would deal with evil men?

This is the main problem with Clinton’s campaign. No one seems to actually know where she stands on things. No one knows what she’d do if 9/11 was repeated on her watch. She is more elusive than her husband on some of the major issues we face. That’s concerning.

So we’ll have to see if things change. At what point will Hillary define her positions on things like foreign policy, if ever?

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Anonymous said...

aaaahhhhh, the old liberal question dodge. I have to give it to them. They have mastered it. This way they are never wrong. They can sit back and say I told you so.

They can twist and turn words better than Shakespeare. Just ask Hitlary's husband.