Tuesday, January 16, 2007

And this is a good thing?

51% of American women now living without a spouse

For the first time in American history, the majority of American women are living without a spouse. This includes women who are single, of course, along with those who are divorced, widowed and, in a small percentage, those whose spouses are overseas. I find this interesting in a number of ways, and to a degree it is somewhat alarming.

First, the article itself. Clearly, this was written on a slant, but then again it is a New York Times piece and when is the last time that paper printed anything objective? The connotations are interesting. 51% of women are living without a spouse. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Reading this article, you would think we just passed another Civil Rights Act. For some reason the mainstream media, and Hollywood, thinks that the "traditional" family is a bad thing, that somehow this is oppressive and denies women (and in some cases children) basic human rights. So they see women who choose against the traditional family as liberated or enlightened, while the women who choose the family are looked down upon as little minded, unambitious, small thinkers, codependent, etc. Remember the ’04 election, and Laura Bush being challenged for "not having a real job"? Why is that? Some would think that staying home and raising a family is much more challenging than pursuing a career. But the mainstream media does not fall into that category. So articles like this are written in a positive light, suggesting the "post-‘60s" culture has taken root and at last women have broken the bonds of oppression, separating themselves from the traditions that "held them back" for so long. It is a reflection of the culture we live in and, I think, a reflection of much of what ails this country.

America’s core foundation is marriage and family. The family is what defines society. It is the basic building block. Strong family means strong society and vice versa. Since the culture of the ‘60s took root, traditional marriage and traditional family has been decimated. What percentage of marriages end in divorce? How many kids grow up without proper parental support? And, as a result, we have seen things like teenage pregnancy, suicide, drug use, alcohol abuse, depression and criminal behavior skyrocket. Only a fool would say there is no connection here, yet we tend to point at things like guns or the government or poverty or the white man as the culprit, as a way to explain away the problems in society. The fact is, if we were rooted as a society with a strong family unit, many of these problems would simply vanish. But that would mean that parents, especially women, would have to forego their careers and dedicate their lives to their family. This is not politically correct, and some would even say that it is sexist, how sad.

I respect women who choose to have a career. They have the right to choose, as well they should. I also respect women who choose the family. That automatically suggests a certain level of personal sacrifice, which is vital to rearing a healthy family. Basically, we must understand that our choices, whatever they may be, come with results (or consequences). There are consequences for a society that frowns upon homemakers, that encourages and exalts the career over the family. There are consequences for a society that seeks personal gratification over service to others. That’s all I’m saying. I’m not speaking out against women’s rights. Anyone who reads this blog knows that I am for equal rights across the board. Yet, I’m sure there are those who will vilify me for suggesting that women who choose careers have made a wrong choice. That’s simply not accurate. There are many career women who still raise strong, healthy families. Good for them. But is that the trend for society as a whole? Is it a good thing for 51% of America’s women to be without a spouse? These are questions that deserve some thought, which is why I posted this.


John said...

No - It's not a good thing, and you've already nailed down some solid reasons why it's not good.

I'm 46 years young, and at this time in my life, I can't help but notice that this country appears to be unraveling one thread at a time.

Day by day, year by year.

We've got the FemiNazi groups, the ACLU and other (in my mind) anti-American groups that are doing everything that they can to rip apart the family unit and the other things that make America great.

It's disgusting, it's evil and I'm sick of it. Why don't (or won't) some Americans see this for what it is? It's so obvious!

Toss into the mix, the Democrats who in their own way are doing what ever they can to destroy this country, and attempt to cause us to lose the war in Iraq also. Idiots...

Which in my view, is on their sickening agenda. And now these Socialist creeps are back in power in Congress? Stupid voters!

Do these losers want America reduced to a third world country so that everyone is equal in wealth and everything else?

Isn't that called Communism?

John The Patriot said...

Yes it is communism, and many on the Left think communism is not such a bad idea. Well said, John

John said...

Thanks, John. I just worry about what the future will bring for my two beautiful children, ages 12 and 15.

I've heard more than one person say "is it fair to bring more children into the world, considering the social, political and environmental issues we face"?

A fair question.

But not the government's business such as it is in China, where couples are TOLD by the stinking Commies just how many children they can (or can not) have.