Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Rush Limbaugh comes under fire for 'phony soldiers' comment

Okay, first of all, I don't really care what Rush Limbaugh says. And neither should Congress. He is an abrasive radio personality who, in my mind, blindly supports the Republican Party and blindly denounces the Democrat Party. For that reason alone, his credibility is questionable at best. He does not have a Congressional seat. He does not distribute millions of dollars to help elect certain people. He has one vote in the election like everyone else. Yes, he may have some influence by the air waves, but that influence is minimal when he makes inflammatory comments.

For the record, I saw the transcript in question and I feel his words are being blatantly misrepresented by the mainstream media and Congressional Democrats. But who cares? He's a lightning rod who thrives in controversy. That's not the issue. Regardless what he meant, he is an inconsequential figure in the halls of Congress, and the fact that Congress is spending time condemning or supporting him is pure insanity and a waste of my tax dollars! That's the issue here.

And here's one big thumbs down for Tom Harkin, who literally used the Senate floor to mock another human being's chemical addiction: "Maybe he was just high on his drugs. I don't know." Just when I think Washington politics couldn't get any more disgusting, Tom Harkin steps up and opens his pie hole!

Let's face it, the Dems are upset about the Moveon.org thing. They hate the fact that they had to go on record for or against that organization, so this is their retaliation....a measure to condemn Rush Limbaugh. And no, it's not the same thing. Moveon.org contributes (in one way or another) millions to Democrats. They sign the proverbial paychecks for many in Congress (the same Congress that was supposed to 'drain the swamp' in Washington), so putting those folks on record was the right thing to do, consistent with maximal transparency in Congress. The Congressmen who accept money or help from Moveon are the ones who made their actions an issue for Congress to address. They are a major contributor to Democrats and they called the Commander in Iraq a traitor. Yes, that's an issue for Congress to address.

But Rush Limbaugh?

If Limbaugh contributed millions to political campaigns and deliberatley defamed our soldiers, then I could understand the Congressional action. But isn't he a bit small for Congress to spend time on? Let's see: Iran is on the verge of nukes, gas is approaching 3 bucks a gallon, Social Security is poised to be a major burden on our young workers, the housing market is tanking, medical malpractice has caused an access to care crisis, nothing has been done about illegal immigration and, oh yeah, WE'RE AT WAR! But these buffoons in Congress think Rush Limbaugh is priority. Anyone who isn't outraged by this should evaluate their own priorities or seek psychiatric counseling because you lack the ability to discern when you're being screwed by your own elected leaders.

It's a blatant slap in the face of American voters when a Senator or Representative shrugs off the Moveon.org assauly, or Hillary's calling Petraeus a liar, yet gets irate about a right wing disc jockey and his typical comments (big surprise...Rush Limbaugh criticizes the anti-war crowd). That, my friends, is the very definition of "politicizing the war", when our Congressmen apply a double-standard to the issue for political gain. Just reading and typing about it makes me physically ill. The fact that we voted these imbeciles into office makes it even worse. We could send a local Kindergarten class to Washington and I honestly think they would get more done, even if the name-calling and whining and bickering sound about the same.

My suggestion is that we flush every single one of them back into the private sector. If it were my decision, not a single incumbent would keep his seat in the next election, and this trend would continue until someone took office who could actually prioritize their political careers off the Congressional agenda. While these idiots debate the meaning of Rush Limbaugh's words, immigration and Social Security reform sit buried in committee! This is nothing less than a dereliction of duty by a group of cowards who lack the sack to address difficult issues, and the voters need to hold them accountable for it. The political nit-picking is killing this country and with every election we only choose more of the same. It's time every single one of them found themselves unemployed!



Bravo John! That's putting all of the Rush Limbaugh hot-air in its proper place.

Far more importantly, we should focus our attention on Eli Pariser,
MoveOn' Executive Director's startling remarks on December 9, 2004:

"In the last year, grassroots contributors like us gave $300 million (!) to the Kerry campaign and the DNC, and proved the Party doesn't need corporate cash to be competititve. Now It's Our Party! We bought it, we own it, and we're going to take it back".

Now This Is Major League Talk! Can the average faithful 'grassroots'
democrat, having a sincere, longstanding committment to his principles, believe his ears? Who is this George Soros fellow. What's
his "Open Society" agenda about?

Has a foreign-born billionaire really Paid Cash for my old Party?
Are all the Democratic nominees afraid to rile this guy?

Yes, Money Is the Mother's Milk of political campaigns. But Sole Ownership by One Mysterious New-comer sends chills up the spine.

Seven Billion Dollars? So?

Following Joe Lieberman to register
as Independent sound pretty good to me. reb

Yankee Doodle said...

I think I just saw a link to Rush Limbaugh on your sidebar.

BB-Idaho said...

"But isn't he a bit small for Congress to spend time on?" Apparently not:
"House GOP Resolution Commending
Rush Limbaugh for His Support of Our Troops" courtesy of Mr. Limbaugh here:
http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/home/daily/site_100107/content/01125113.guest.html I gotta agree with your
"But these buffoons in Congress think Rush Limbaugh is priority."

John Washburn said...

Reb, I've alluded to Moveon planting their flag on the Democrat Party in the past. That quote is very telling.

Yank, yes there is a link to Rush Limbaugh. There is also a link to Michael Savage and Ann Coulter. There are hundreds of links on my sidebar. I link to these people because they share my traditional conservative political point of view. It doesn't mean that I agree with them 100% of the time. I think Rush tends to be a "yes man" for the GOP and that bugs me.

BB, thanks for adding that link. The House GOP did this before I posted and when I saw it I nearly blew a gasket! Pass a measure commending a friggin radio host???? Has ALL of Congress lost its mind?


No, All Of Congress has not lost their collective minds, but all of us should at least remember the prominent legislators there that consistently spout rash and evil things about our volunteer troops, & our West Point men that dedicate their
adult lives In The Defense of Liberty!

Another thing, both Parties eagerly
take Cash from the same corporate donors!
It's called 'Hedging your Bet'.

When a weak-willed ninny, a pink-faced twit becomes the Senate Majority Leader, and takes every opportunity to demean and degrade
our efforts in Iraq, saying "We've Lost", In The Early Phase...Time of War (!) it's about as close as it gets to inexcusable, treasonous behavior! We'll likely be there for decades!

I hope the Voters in Las Vegas, Reno, and Carson City remember him well! He should be ashamed to show his little pink nose at home, in Searchlight, Nevada!

The Nuggest Employees there refer to him not as Harry, but "Pinky". True Story! How very appropriate. I have no qualms reporting it here on this weblog! To say that I have negative feelings about him, is
gross under-statement. He is one of
several that now down-grades a once-proud Democratic Party!

'Pinky' Is A National Disgrace! reb