Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sen. Barack Obama on Friday demanded the Justice Department fire one of its officials (John Tanner) over remarks made about elderly minorities not aging like white Americans, because they die first...."Our society is such that minorities don't become elderly the way white people do; they die first," Tanner said...."There are inequities in health care," Tanner continued. "There are a variety of inequities in this country. And so anything that disproportionately impacts the elderly has the opposite impact on minorities; just the math is such as that."....Obama said in his letter: "Such comments are patently erroneous, offensive, and dangerous..."

In 2003, the average life expectancy was 72.7 years for African Americans and 78 years for whites

John Tanner's remarks, while crude and obviously politically incorrect, were based on statistics. And, as I cited, the life expectancy statistics support what he said, although certainly not to the degree that he implied. In fairness, the life expectancy gap has narrowed over the past two decades to the point where it is now. I think Tanner could have used a bit more tact in what he said. Barak Obama felt he should be fired.

As of yet, Senator Obama has not issued an opinion on Pete Stark's comments about the US military and President Bush. I can only assume he has no objection.

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It is unlikely that either Senators
Obama or Clinton will have the moral courage to denounce the San Francisco Repr Pete Stark in any meaningful way; they also might discount his vile remarks as just a bit "Intemperate".

Witness Their Silence on the infamous slander in the NY Times Full-Page Soros/MoveOn with the Gen. Be-Tray-Us Advertisement! Jellyfish have no back-bone! reb