Thursday, October 04, 2007

Hillary Clinton collects 27 million dollars in third quarter, bringing her total campaign war chest to 70 million dollars, second only to Barak Obama's 75 million.

Well folks, the Presidency now seems to be available to the highest bidder, and there are some pretty high bidders lining up to raise their card. 70 million dollars for a political campaign is obscene, and we haven't even cast a single vote yet! This is beyond concerning. Nothing good can come when this much money is invested in getting one person elected. Nothing.

If you wonder why Clinton is collecting so much money, here's a story that may help you understand. It involves Corning Inc., an upstate New York industrial company.

"In April 2003, a month after Corning's political action committee gave $10,000 to her re-election campaign, Mrs. Clinton announced legislation that would provide hundreds of millions in federal aid to reduce diesel pollution, using, among other things, technology pioneered by Corning. It was one of several Congressional initiatives Mrs. Clinton has pushed that benefit the company. And in April 2004, Mrs. Clinton began a push to persuade the Chinese government to relax tariffs on Corning fiber optics products, inviting the Chinese ambassador to her office and personally asking President Bush for help in the matter. One month after the beginning of that ultimately successful effort, Corning's chairman, James Houghton, held a fund-raiser at his home that collected tens of thousands of dollars for her re-election campaign."

It's actually a brilliant strategy. A company gives tens of thousands to a politician, who in turn takes action in Congress to ensure that company gets lots of government money funneled their way. Of course, Clinton isn't the only one. I could post every day for a year about different politicians raping the treasury, but Clinton is the one who is running for President and has been given tens of millions to do so.

If elected, Hillary stands poised to make an art out of "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" politics. And 70 million dollars represents a lot of backs that need to be scratched. Get your checkbooks ready. How does 50% income tax sound?

To Hillary, that probably sounds like a good start.


The Lopp Garoo Kid said...

I agree that no good can come from spending thsi much money aon an election. Unfortunately, limiting the amount of money that can be spent raoises serious constitutional issues.

I am no fan of Hillary Clinton. Nevertheless, by singling her out, you ignore the issue that every politician is exactly like her when it comes to pay back for support.

John Washburn said...

I did not ignore anything. In fact, I plainly stated that she wasn't alone in this behavior. I singled her out because she is the front-runner for the Presidency, and that's in large part because people don't realize the nature of her behavior as a Senator. I want people to know the truth, and vote with an informed opinion. Trust me, she won't be the only one who gets targeted on this website.


Ms Clinton seems to be the only Dem nominee with the guts to face Jihad a with firm resolve. That alone should guarantee her selection; her pick for V.P.?

Wes Clark; there's not much else to
draw from, among that pack of wimps. reb