Wednesday, October 03, 2007

San Francisco City Council votes to condemn Michael Savage

This seems to be yet another headline that acts as an example of a troubling trend. I thought the Left touted itself as the advocate for free speech? Apparently not. The city council of San Franciscograd doesn't like what Michael Savage says, so they vote to condemn him. This may sound harmless, but like it or not it's a blatant attempt by government officials to suppress free speech. The officials of San Franciscograd are one step from sending tanks into Tiananmen Square, and every American should be concerned about this latest episode in a recent trend:

--The US Congress, led by Democrats, are attempting to revive the Fairness Doctrine, governmental oversight of talk radio via the FCC to ensure equal time is devoted to all political opinions

--Univ of Columbia radicals chase the Minutemen from the stage while the neighborhood watch group spoke at the college.

--Ann Coulter was attacked by a man who hurled a pie at her while she spoke at the Univ of Arizona

--The US Congress, led by Democrats, introduced a measure to condemn Rush Limbaugh, a radio personality, because of controversial comments

--The Univ of Columbia rescinded an invitation to the Minutemen to speak again at their college, while only days later Iranian terrorist leader Ahmadinejad spoke at the same school

--A bipartisan group of college students seeking to honor the victims of 9/11 by holding a mutual moment of silence were interrupted and shouted down by radical protestors

--Karl Rove was attacked by students after delivering a speech to college republicans

--Hillary Clinton was interrupted while giving a speech in Chicago by anti-war protestors attempting to shout her down and keep her from being heard

Should I continue? Yes, there is a trend here and it involves a radical sect of ultra-Left psychos who loosely define freedom of speech in a way so that it applies only to those who agree with them, and they appear to be hubbed in San Franciscograd, Californistan. I think it's the duty of all freedom loving Americans to condemn these examples of attempted suppression of free speech and be quick to do the same in future events. The ultra-Left clearly wants to rewrite the Constitution, and their version leaves no room for people who don't buy into their ultra-Left mindset.

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Anonymous said...

I've always noticed how the far-left enjoys shouting people down rather than using a fair argument. It has something to do with the fact that their argument isn't feasible I think.