Friday, September 28, 2007

When Evil Prospers earns 5-star review and awarded a Silver Medal for excellence in fiction from the Military Writers Society of America.

John Washburn has crafted a truly amazing tale about what could happen if America gives up her role as world superpower. Set shortly after the conclusion of the Second Gulf War, the book finds an America led by a very liberal president, put in office by the backlash generated by her predecessor's Middle East conflict. When terrorists strike in Texas even worse than 9/11, the President takes diplomacy over military action and bows to the UN. The Texas Governor, along with some patriotic Texans, realize that America cannot bow down and must strike back. Tangles with the Cuban military and a standoff at the Mexican border are just two of the results.

The events are fictitious, of course, but Washburn's writing style makes them all too believable. He does an especially good job of expressing the emotional turmoil that his characters are feeling as they make very difficult choices. Further, I enjoyed the way he weaved his personal faith and values into his characters, adding even more depth and realism to them and their struggles.

This book is an outstanding read, and will be thoroughly enjoyed by anyone who likes military or political fiction, as well as those who enjoy Christian fiction. It has my highest recommendation, and has earned a five star rating from MWSA

I want to express my sincere appreciation to the staff at MWSA and Rob Ballister for agreeing to review the book of an unknown author from an unknown publisher. I am humbled by their kind words and the award they have given me. I am pleased they liked my book and hope the message gets out to more people. I have received a few emails from people brutally attacking me personally for the book; and the interesting thing is that these people all admit that they didn't even read it! How typical. Here's to open minds, the search for knowledge and truth, and withholding judgment until the facts are known.




May I extend our congratulations on
your prestigious award from MWFA.

All the best! If you crash through
the solid fire-wall, and reach the N.Y. Times Best Seller List, that
will be a time for your critics to
rethink their sometimes cruel assestments. Cheers & bravo! reb


Sorry, poor typing/spelling is a minor plague. reb

betty said...

John--Your book sounds very interesting so I plan to order it from Amazon. Good luck and keep up the fight!

John Washburn said...

Reb, thanks for the support and thanks to you as well, Betty. You'll have to let me know what you think about it.

Take care and God bless



a) ah-mad-i-nejad is allah's warrior

b) he told his ayatollah that when he was in nyc he "transfixed" the u.s. officials;
they didn't blink for 27 minutes!

c) when jesus returns, he will tell his people to follow 'madhi'

d) this nut-case wants a nuke!

e) some politicians want to negotiate w/ nejad.


How Nutty Are We? reb

The Loop Garoo Kid said...

Congratulations on the review.


If you're receiving nasty eMails this early, you've struck a sensitive nerve! I'm gonna risk a
few bucks, and have a look.

How do I get a signed copy? reb

BB-Idaho said...

Writing a book is very difficult; getting one published, extremely so. Congratulations on your success!

John Washburn said...

BB, thank you very much, and welcome to my blog

Reb, I would be more than happy to send you an autographed copy. Go to and send me an email and we'll talk patriot to another

Loop, thank you very much