Thursday, July 19, 2007

Yes, I'm being a little lazy tonight, so I decided to link to a column by Michael Reagan about the Democrat Congress and their empty promises. He discusses two examples of their worthless legislating. What the latest count? 300 congressional hearings (or something like that)? Then there is the non-binding resolution, the all-night pajama party (where we funded the pizza, of course), the Pelosi luxury jetliner, and now the Gonzalez issue where they're determined to find someone to put in jail. Have they passed any laws? Have they solved any problems? Yeah, didn't think so. Here's Reagan's column:

When the Democrats took control of Congress they couldn’t wait to tell America how much they were going to accomplish. That was seven months ago, and all they’ve done since is rant about the war in Iraq, talk about raising taxes, and go on a witch hunt in an attempt to find something -- anything – illegal in the firing of a handful of U. S. Attorneys who got the boot from the Justice Department when the president exercised his constitutional right to fire them without explanation. This provides a glimpse into their utter incompetence as lawmakers.

Consider: The recent speech of Louisiana Democrat Sen. Mary Landrieu gave us a prime example of the Democrats’ inability to get anything straight, including geography. This week, she introduced an amendment to the Defense Authorization Bill stating that the foremost objective of the U.S. Government is to capture or kill Osama bin Laden and to dismantle the al Qaeda terrorist network. Her amendment would move troops from Iraq where they’re locked in a battle with al Qaeda terrorists, and send them to Afghanistan to launch a hunt for bin Laden.

That would be some hunt. Does Mary Landrieu have any idea what she’s doing? After all, if you are going to hunt for Osama bin Laden wouldn’t it be a good idea for hunt for him where we know he is? And where he is, is not Afghanistan. Somebody with a better idea of geography should inform Mary Landrieu that bin Laden is holed up in Pakistan.......FULL STORY


Dan Trabue said...

"That was seven months ago, and all they’ve done since is rant about the war in Iraq, talk about raising taxes, and go on a witch hunt..."

But that's what we voted for them to do. That they've been blocked from doing some of that by some Republicans is not an indication of their utter incompetence, but rather an indication that we need to remove more republicans...



Yes Dan,

Let's have a One-Party Reid/Pelosi System, cross your fingers, and kiss your sorry fanny goodbye! reb

Dan Trabue said...

Lord, forbid! I'm more for a four or so party system.

I just don't the current two and especially the Republicans.

Don't understand my desire to see the current Republicans in office to go away as a desire to see them replaced with only Dems.


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