Thursday, July 26, 2007

And so the great Progressive Inquisition of 2007 continues as the Senate Judiciary Committee, led by Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid, now calls for a perjury investigation against Alberto Gonzalez. "I'm convinced that he's not telling the truth," said Reid, ignoring the fact that this is an ongoing investigation and that Gonzalez has not been charged with anything; ignoring the pesky notion of innocent until proven guilty. As we saw in my last post, if you're on the Left then evidence is a mere formality.

The Dems have been unable to find any wrongdoing in Gonzalez's firing of US Attorneys, so they now turn to their weapon of choice...perjury. Just ask Scooter Libby. Their Inquisition has become one wide cast perjury trap and they are issuing subpeonas to just about everyone in the Bush administration and the White House staff. The President's personal chef had better look out, no one seems to be safe from this Salem-esque frenzy. Now they want to haul Gonzalez before the Inquisitors once again to give him one last chance to swear allegiance to the Party...or else! After what Gonzalez has been through, it has become clear that they won't stop until he is burning at the stake and his blood is pure.

I wonder how long it would take Harry Reid to cry racism or xenophobia if this were a Republican investigation into a Liberal Attorney General? But I digress.

Karl Rove is the latest to be called before the Inquisition, and I'm sure Bush will defy the subpeona. I can hardly blame him. Any attorney worth his weight can lure a witness into perjury if they ask the right questions, and since most of these Inquisitors are attorneys, well, you do the math. If I were Bush, no one on my staff would go before the Inquisition. Of course, this also pleases the Dems, as it allows them to use the "he has something to hide" accusation. And so the Inquisition continues.

As it seems, the only thing Gonzalez did wrong was NOT firing Johnny Sutton. But this witch hunt will continue, Congressional Inquisition number...(well, I've lost count, but it's somewhere in the 300s). First Libby, then Gonzalez, who's next? I'm sure if they were aware, even your humble blogger would be at risk. Maybe it's time to go underground!

Meanwhile, Social Security is still unfixed, Al Qaeda is strengthening, Compean & Ramos remain behind bars, American citizens are being sued because they point out suspicious behavior on airplanes, Iran gets closer to nukes and Chavez is squeezing an iron fist around his people even tighter. But take heart my loyal readers. This isn't a completely do-nothing Congress. They did, after all, succeed in voting themselves another pay raise.


Rob Scot said...

I do not consider myself a member of the political left by any means, but I must admit that I have been discouraged by the testimony of the Attorney General. At best, he seems uninformed and unqualified; at worst, he appears dishonest. In any event, I feel it would be in the best interest of the nation (and the Administration) if he resigned. I think the public is increasingly beginning to feel that the President simply does not care about the opinions of the nation or the rule of law. I am inclined to believe the former to an extent (though I do not believe this to be an entirely inappropriate stance for a chief executive), but I am not convinced of the latter. Apparently, however, many are.

The Loop Garoo Kid said...

Well put Mr. Scot.

So far as the fired AGs are concerned, Attorneys General serve at the plaesure of the president, who has delegated responsibility to them and has neither the time nor the capability to monitor what they do.

Had these AGs received a letter that said: "The President of the United States thanks you for your service and requests that you submit a letter of resignation by 5:00 this afternoon" that would have been the end of it. It was only when political ops raised the issue of competence as a reason for termination that the smell test began to be flunked.

Mr. Gonzalez sometimes appears to be unable to distinguish between his former position as White House consel and his current one as head of the Justice Department.

I agree that his resignation woiuld be in the best interests of both the nation and the administration. I think the President should not listen to opinions of the nation or the Congress, but go directly to people in the trenches, the career attorneys at the Justice Department to determine whether a change would be in order. My understanding is that morale @ Justice is not high.

At this juncturte, however, I doubt that Mr. Gonzalez will resign. To do so would be an admission that he, and by implication, the President whom he served, w/ whom he is friends, and who appointed him as AG, is fallible.


Why The Constant, unrelenting attacks on Anyone close to the President? Well, isn't it obvious?

Go after Cheney, Rumsfeld, Libby,
Gonzalez, Rove, the current JCS, Bush's secretary, the White House kitchen staff, etc.

Let's have some more Hearings, swear 'em in, let's have hours & days of Testimony, maybe catch somebody lying, if possible! It plays well in the Media, and keeps his key advisors busy defending themselves, and less time dealing with serious Matters of State...and
let's throw in some "Non-binding Resolutions", those are nice, too.

Yeah, that's the ticket!

Hah, now we've got the Bushies on the defensive! Keep the pressure on
'em, and we can charge, and maybe even prove those in key leadership positions with INCOMPETENCE!

If Gonzales is forced out, won't that look great on the evening Newscast? Keep pounding 'em guys!

That's How the "Game" Is Played, Nearing Election Time! reb