Wednesday, July 18, 2007

America’s first Muslim congressman has recently stepped into controversy by apparently comparing President Bush to Adolf Hitler. Actually, he compared the 9/11 terrorist attacks to the Reichstag, which was the German parliament that burned down, supposedly by the Nazis, thus allowing Hitler to seize emergency powers and eventually become the dictator that history remembers him as. It seems that Representative Ellison sees a connection. Is he suggesting that the Bush administration was behind the 9/11 attack so that he could grab more power?

This kind of rhetoric is exactly what we don’t need. Yet, I’m certain you won’t hear any criticism from Left. Far be it for them to criticize one of their own, especially when he compares Bush to the Nazis and even more especially when that person is a Muslim. Representative Ellison is a man of small mind. His comments cheapen history and he should be ashamed. This is conduct unbecoming a US Congressman, well, at least in theory. He was obviously pandering to his audience, a group of atheists who no doubt loved the reference. He could at least be a little more original. I mean, come on, hasn’t the Nazi comparison been a little worn out?

I’m sure if Trent Lott or Mitt Romney made a similar comment about Nancy Pelosi, the press would pounce. But we live in a Leftist world, where the double standard of American politics perpetually applies. We tolerate outrageous comments from people like Ellison because he is a Democrat, and partly because he is a Muslim. He’s allowed to be outrageous, along with Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Cindy Sheehan, Rosie O’Donnell, Michael Moore, George Soros, Danny Glover and pretty much anyone in the Latino community (as long as their liberal-minded, of course). Why is hate not tolerated only when it comes from white male heterosexual Christians?

I’m sure there are people who will not only remain silent about this, but will actually defend what he said. I know they’re out there, just wait. If enough people voice disagreement with Ellison, they’ll rear their ugly heads. I call them Demo-clones, those who are so blinded by their hatred of the Right and of Bush that they are completely incapable of recognizing wrongdoing on their side of the spectrum. Alan Colmes is a prime example.

So, I’ll say no more about this. After all, too much criticism of a Muslim Congressman might get me branded an Islamophobe.


Dan Trabue said...

Do you also disagree with the Bush team and supporters who'd classify Iraq War opponents as cowards, appeasers and traitors?

There are certainly problems making comparisons to Nazi Germany - the atrocities there were so horrendous that most any comparison will only serve to diminish the horrors of the war.

People are rightly concerned with Bush's Us against Them rhetoric, his abuse of office and the direction he's taken the country in and sometimes, when we have a leader as horrible as Bush, people are tempted to make fascist sorts of comparisons. We do so because the comparisons are there, if on a much smaller scale.

Therefore, Ellison and others (such as myself) would be wise to avoid the Nazi comparisons. It generally backfires.

Just as those who'd accuse Iraq War opponents of treason, cowardice and a lack of patriotism would do well to avoid that sort of demonization as it tends to only backfire on them and, well, it's just wrong.


It might be wise & prudent to try to dump your Hate Dubya Routine, Dan. Four years of it is enough of the MoveOnDotCrapola! (The guy ain't running in 2008). That sorry old record is broken!
It's a bit late, but perhaps the Minnesota voter should ask their Muslim Congressman Ellison the obvious questions:

a) Does he favor our U.S. Constitutional Law and 1st Amendment Freedoms of Religion, Speech, and Press, or Shari'a?

b) U.S. Public Schools, or Saudi Arabia's Madrassa?

c) Minnesota Law Enforcement, or Islam's Mutawah (Piety Police)?

d) Does he insist that his wife wear the Black Burkha in public?

Dan Trabue said...

"It might be wise & prudent to try to dump your Hate Dubya Routine, Dan"

Never said I hated him. Don't. Don't care for his policies. Think they're dangerous.

It may also be wise to drop the ignorant Republican Routine, Snake. I don't think you're nearly as ignorant as that last comment suggests.