Friday, July 27, 2007

Another Heston moment

An Ohio school computer technician with two stepchildren and a backyard swimming pool has been accused of trying to hire a woman in Miami to let him nearly drown her two daughters for his sexual pleasure.

The Green local school district in suburban Akron moved quickly to cut ties to Jeff Doland, 45, of Uniontown, following his arrest after authorities said he flew to Miami believing he was going to meet a mother who would let him "dunk" her 9- and 12-year-old daughters for $550.
Superintendent Wade Lucas said the district shut down Doland's access to district information late Wednesday as the arrest was announced by the Florida attorney general. "It is my understanding that he had no direct contact with children," Lucas said.

Doland was Green's director of technology until April, when he accepted a job with a computer company that provides technology services to the district on a contract basis. He had an office in Green Intermediate School.

Doland was jailed to await an Aug. 15 court hearing on charges that he offered to pay for the dunking during an online conversation with a Secret Service agent who had posed as a mother in an Internet chat room. After arriving in Miami on Wednesday, Doland described to another undercover agent what his intentions were, including binding the young girls underwater, authorities said.......FULL STORY


Anonymous said...

Hmm, maybe they should tie him up underwater, and leave him there. For a long time. Without scuba gear.


Crazies Everywhere! In some Islamic countries, they have "Honor Killings", where the young girl has her throat cut for dishonoring her family with a "sex sin", even if her brother or cousin forcibly rapes her. The parent, or an uncle wields the blade. In some rural areas, there are little, or no civil or criminal penalies.

So much for Cultural Differences!
If you don't believe it...

Research It On Your Yahoo Search Line!
"Muslim Honor Killing". reb

John Washburn said...

Crazies everywhere is right! Our children are paying dearly for the sins we commit, in more ways than one. But I think Robert is on to something. I think the S.O.B should be drowned...but the court will probably sentence him to therapy.

John Washburn said...

Let's just hope the court doesn't decide he must have a West African translator

Anonymous said...

Well I wasn't serious about the drowning thing. The 8th amendment and all that. A nice long spell in jail with an cellmate named Bubba is fine by me.

John Washburn said...

Robert, no need to clarify. I think we all recognize hyperbole when we see it. No one actually wants him drowned, but certainly he should be punished to the fullest extent of the law...after due process, of course.