Monday, July 09, 2007

It’s been nearly a week since Al Gore’s son was arrested on drug charges, his third such arrest, and it has been 2 days since the concert for awareness that Al Gore may still run for President. What’s the connection between the two? That’s today’s post.

Al Gore III was arrested after a traffic stop. He was traveling at over 100mph on the freeway. Police found less than an ounce of marijuana along with several prescription drugs (for which he did not have a prescription), one of which is known to be used in the manufacture of methamphetamine. He has a similar prior arrest for possession, along with an arrest for DUI. He is 24 years old, but clearly this young man has some serious issues. I’m not going to go after him. If he has a drug problem, I truly hope he can clean himself up. If he gets jail time, then so be it (although the double standard in the justice system that the Left howled about with Scooter Libby will likely take effect here, the difference of course being that Al III actually committed a crime). Somewhere along the way, this guy made some bad decisions. Here’s hoping he is able to right his proverbial ship.

So what does daddy plan to do? He had plenty of time to talk about it over the past week during his media tour to promote his Lie Earth concert. When asked, his rehearsed response was “it’s a private family matter”. I agree with him. It most certainly is a private family matter. The media has no right to know what’s happening in Al’s family if he doesn’t want them to know. It was the right response, but the wrong audience. Instead of saying this on his media tour, Al should have been saying this to his Lie Earth associates. In other words, as a father, I feel that Al should have been home with his son rather than devoting so much time over the past week promoting a concert the purpose of which I still haven’t figured out. Was this show meant to raise global warming awareness? Is that really necessary? Or was it simply to feed the growing ego of a man and his Hollywood cronies, while also alleviating the guilt they feel about their massive daily carbon footprints? You decide.

Turns out, the concert was a flop. It was able to gather about ¼ the audience of Live Aid and had dismal TV ratings. It seems the people recognized this for what it really was, more a concert for Gore’s political aspirations than a concert for the earth. But, it was in many ways quite revealing. To me it showed the world much about Al’s personal priorities. Nothing is more important than Al’s own agenda, not even his own son. That’s the message sent, and I’m not the only one who saw it.

If my child was going through yet another personal crisis, I would be there, even if there was little I could do. It’s amazing what the mere presence of a loved one can do when things turn upside down in your life. One wonders what kind of impact it would have had if Al had foregone his beloved concert just to be by his son’s side. That would have said a lot. One wonders if this kind of snub happened in this young man’s life before, and how many times? One wonders if that had any contribution to his poor decision making. Is this just a dumb kid making dumb choices, or is it the latest in a long line of grabs for daddy’s attention?

Al needs to take care of his business. His son needs him. Global warming can wait. If you’re not willing to take care of your children, then what’s the point of saving the planet? Al missed an opportunity to make a major impression on his child, and on people like me who have very little reason to respect him. If he wants to be an example for us to follow, I think being there for your child in a time of crisis is a good start. That’s what a father should do. There are so many out there who fail at this, a prominent political figure doing the same is the last thing we need as a society.


Man with the Muck-rake said...

John- your post is specious at best. Playing personal politics with Al Gore's son?

You can do better that this.

rick the mouseherder said...

I agree. The boy's a troubled adult. This is not his first brush with drugs and the law. Besides, the boy's sister has flown out to assist him.

OTOH, the concert had been planned for years and Gore had made a commitment.

It's a family matter.

rick the mouseherder said...

Maybe not as big a flop as you portray, since you report only the TV ratings. Reuters says there were over 9 million internet streams.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting post.

I, for one, am waiting for the onslaught of jokes and SNL type skits making fun of Al Gore III. After all, the Bush girls were fair game when they got into their trouble.....

I won't hold my breath though.


Allisoni Balloni said...

I agree that this is a very weak argument. As was pointed out by another commenter, Al Gore III is an adult. Certainly he still needs support from his family, but he is an adult who does not have very good control over his life, and a father who cannot afford to drop everything everytime he messes up, yet again.

John Washburn said...

Muck, thanks for your wisdom on this matter. You render absolutely no opinion on the subject at hand and choose, instead, to criticize the opinion of another. What was that you were saying about how much you love democracy? And yet you tell me I can do better? Nice.

Rick, I understand that sometimes business does need to be tended to, but when a family member is in yet another crisis?...I don't know, I think I'd have to forego my concert and be with my son. And I still have no idea what the purpose of the concert was. It seems like a celebration of Gore's ego to me. Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the internet numbers.

Robert, it's wise not to hold your breath. It's not funny when something bad happens to a Lefty, only when bad things happens to conservatives. We'll have to come up with our own jokes.

Allison, I don't think it's asking much to skip a concert. Had he done this, he would have gotten respect from a lot of people.