Sunday, September 03, 2006

Shame on us all

Prosecutor seeks the death penalty for soldiers

Amazing! In a country that can't convict OJ Simpson, refuses to execute a confessed 9/11 conspirator and "punishes" hardened sex offenders with paltry sentences, it's obscene to think that we may actually sentence our soldiers to death for their actions in battle.

I don't advocate violence against civillians. But the 'fog of war' is something that can't be explained to any jury and must be experienced to fully grasp its nature. When you're fighting a guerrilla war against an enemy that blends with the population - violating all rules of armed conflict - then it's quite easy to mistake a common civillian for an enemy combatant. We should all understand at least that much. Therefore, when one of these civillians is killed, there should be an investigation. If malbehavior is found amongst our troops, they should be punished. But I was thinking of something like a reduction in rank or suspended pay for a few months. But DEATH? I can't believe this is something even being debated...and this from someone who adamantly supports the death penalty.

Our sons and daughters are fighting their hearts out. What do we give in return? We curse their cause, call their leader a murderer, allow the media to portray them as brutal bullies, put them on trial for something that happens naturally in war, and then seek the death penalty for these so-called crimes. Amazing!

Shame on you America for tolerating this. Shame on us all for allowing our culture to reach this point.


Outlaw 13 said...

The death penalty is being sought not because some soldiers screwed up but because they are accused of pre meditated murder.

If they are indeed guilty, they should be punished to the full extent of military law.

Murderous thugs shouldn't get a pass just because they happen to wear a fact, I as a soldier believe that if they are guilty they need to be punished harder than some common criminal as their actions have impact in areas far outside the local area they were operating in, and as soldiers they should be held to a higher standard.

John The Patriot said...


I agree completely. But when soldiers say that the victims engaged them in combat, then the benefit of the doubt should be stretched to the max. This is war, not some 7-11 robbery.

If I'm on that jury, the prosecutor had better show overwhelming proof of 2 things: 1) the killings were premeditated, 2) the victims, regardless of the defendents premeditation, did NOT initiate hostilities. This would be very difficult for any prosecutor, which makes me wonder if seeking the death penalty is more of a political move than anything else.