Friday, September 01, 2006

Logic vs Emotion

Hannity and Colmes debate illegal immigrant seeking sanctuary

Let’s be clear about something. This Elvira Arellano has become the Cindy Sheehan of the illegal immigration debate. The Left has latched onto her for sympathy purposes, using her unfortunate situation in a shameless attempt to portray the ‘human’ side of illegal immigration. It’s what the Left does best. When they have no logical argument they rely on emotion, and emotion is a very powerful ally in the political spectrum.

The Left can’t argue that this woman broke the law. That’s written in black and white. So they parade her in front of cameras and say ‘look at this poor woman, she came here to support her family and now the big bad government wants to deport her… hoo!’

It’s an emotion-based argument and they’ve used it effectively for decades. But take the emotion out and what’s left is someone who knowingly violated our immigration laws multiple times and cut in front of many others who went through the proper channels to enter our country legally. The law says she is to be deported. We MUST follow the law.

As for the Church, they’ve overstepped their bounds and should be charged with harboring a criminal. It’s time that our legal system got tough and sent a message that this behavior will not be tolerated. There should be HEAVY monetary penalties imposed on this church.

Like Sean Hannity, I feel for Ms Arellano on a personal level. Yes, I want the best for her and her son, WE ALL DO, but that’s emotion talking and when we’re trying to protect our borders and preserve our security, there’s no room for emotion…only logic. Logic dictates that we follow the law. Emotion dictates that we make exceptions based on human suffering. Logic dictates that laws are in place for a reason and if we make exceptions then eventually our laws break down and society slips into chaos. Emotion says that suffering should not be allowed at any cost. And logic says that the law must be enforced or we risk threatening our national security. The Church needs to stay out of it. This is an issue of law enforcement, NOT human rights, and right now the church is violating the law. There must be penalties for that.

So for those ‘middle ground’ readers out there, pay attention to political debates. Pay attention to who is arguing with logic and who is arguing with emotion. Listen close and decide which one you'd rather have representing you in Washington.

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Dan Trabue said...

It IS logical, when confronted with a situation where are laws aren't working well, to reconsider the laws and/or the way they're enforced.

I don't know the particulars in this situation, haven't heard the story, but it doesn't sound like to me from what you've written that this is purely an emotional argument.

At least any moreso than playing on fears of "terrorists crossing our borders." They both touch on emotions but they both have logical components to them as well.