Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Dictators on Parade at the UN

Chavez, Ahmadinejad have their day on the world stage

I’ve had it with the UN. That organization is dead to me. It is a lame duck...absolutely powerless. Yesterday, one of the three world dictators in avid pursuit of nuclear weapons was given an opportunity to make his case to the UN. He spoke of peace. He spoke of justice. He spoke of democracy. He spoke against nuclear weapons.

This is the same man who supplies Hezbollah, the organization that deliberately targeted Israeli civilians just one month ago to the point where even Amnesty International condemned them. And he speaks of peace? This is the same man actively defying the UNs order to cease nuclear research. And he speaks against nuclear weapons? This is the man who denies the Holocaust and advocates for the complete and utter destruction of Israel. He is a deranged liar. And, yet, the UN opts to give him a voice, to give him a stage to spread his maniacal words. Not only that, but he was given a STANDING OVATION when he finished. Is that the organization meant to maintain peace and stability in the world? And they’re giving a vicious dictator a standing ovation?

Today, Hugo Chavez had his turn. He calls our President the devil and demands a seat on the UN Security Council…God help us. He is getting closer to Iran and North Korea in what seems to be a new axis of evil. Yet, the UN gives him a voice and a stage.

Tell me, what purpose does the UN serve other than allowing dictatorial leaders a world stage to curse America? What good does this organization do? They failed Korea, they failed Rhawanda, they failed Iraq, they failed Iran and now they are failing Darfur, and yet we still consider this a legitimate organization that serves a beneficial purpose. How insane.

The United States funds nearly 25% of the UN budget. This is our tax dollars funding an anti-American organization that provides no real benefit to America. The vast majority of the third world nations that curse us fund less than 1%, yet they have one vote in the general assembly just as we do. We are on equal footing with Cuba, Iran and Venezuela in the eyes of the UN even though we carry the most responsibility for its budget. Why? I say, cut the funding. Cut our share to less than 1% and if this draws protest, then we resign from the UN. We can do just as much good through NATO without having to listen to Iran and Venezuela curse us as evil.


kilroythebrave said...

"The United States funds nearly 25% of the UN budget. This is our tax dollars funding an anti-American organization that provides no real benefit to America."

Goes to show you money can't buy you power.

the United nations was intended to be a place to provide an open dialogue forthe world. Just because the U.S. thinks they are above reproach does not mean that they should not be targeted by "dictators."

Chavez was democratically elected by the people of Venezuela. 80 percent ofthe population was in poverty due to the global loan-sharking of the IMF and World Bank. Chavez threw them out, and nationalized the oil, bringing the profits back to the people, and away from the wealthy multinationals.

Oh, and it gets better. In 2005, President Chavez initiated a program to provide cheaper heating fuel for poor people in several areas of the United States (New York Daily News, September 21, 2006).

The program was expanded in September 2006 to include four of New York City's five boroughs, earmarking 25 million gallons of fuel for low-income New York residents this year at 40% off the wholesale market price. That quantity provides sufficient fuel to heat 70,000 apartments, covering 200,000 New Yorkers, for the entire winter (New York Daily News, September 21, 2006).

Chavez is not only anti-bush, but he believes that the poor shouldn't freeze to death! what a great man.

John The Patriot said...

It took me a while to respond to this comment because I only just stopped laughing a few minutes ago. What a great man?

You do know that you're referring to a Communist dictator, right? If you think he was democratically elected, then I'd like to sell you some Kansas beachfront property.

Poverty was only 80% before he came to power? Well, now it's 85%. So much for "giving to the poor"

And this garbage about giving oil to America's poor? Well, if you knew your history then you'd know that the Communist party comes to power by exploiting the hardships of those in poverty, showing false sympathy towards them and performing transparent acts of kindness for them. They make empty promises to the poor, telling them to "come to my side and my government will take care of you". It's the same promise Communism has made to the impoverished for a century, and it's a check they can't cash. Looks like you're one of those who bought it.

Well done, comrade.

kilroythebrave said...

My previous numbers were screwey. I apoligize.

The household poverty rate was reduced by nearly 5 percentage points, or 12.9 percent, from 42.8 percent in the first half of 1999 (when President Chavez took office) to 37.9 percent in the second half of 2005. Since the economy has continued to grow rapidly this year (first quarter growth came in at 9.4 percent), the poverty rate is almost certainly significantly lower today.

52 percent of Venezuelans now have health care.

15.7 percent of Americans lack health care. thats roughly 46 million.

12.8 million Venezuelans lack health coverage. You can argue percentages but the fact that the richest nation in the world leaves that many uninsured is abhorrent.

Oh, and your comment about empty promises is just as empty. Chavez did give 200,000 Americans discount oil for the winter. Thousands survived because of him. There is nothing empty there.

The only reason hat America hates Chavez so much is because he is successfully employing Socialist policies for his people and hurting the profits of American businesses. America tried to take him out like they did with Allende in Chile, which led to the deaths of thousands.

Chavez is saving lives, and Bush is trying to save money for corporations.

Dan Trabue said...

John, Kilroy is making a decent case here. Any facts to discount what he says?

John The Patriot said...

Looks like Chavez's cronies are doctoring his "great" poverty numbers

And here's a rundown of his human rights and crime record