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Another glowing review for When Evil Prospers

When Evil Prospers - review by the Altus Times

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When evil prospers

Evil is defined as morally wrong or bad. I personally believe there is evil in the world and it is being fostered and allowed to fester. There are bad people in the world, who demonstrate bad behavior, up to and including the killing of others, but I am not sure these people are always truly evil.Now if it is your family member who has just been murdered you may disagree. The drunk who kills your teenage daughter is not necessarily evil; criminally at fault yes, but not evil. Now the serial killer who murders multiple people and our legal system lets that person spend the rest of their life in a mental hospital instead of on death row, that person is evil. Evil is one of the hard and fast things you used to hear about at church a long time ago. Evil was out there and you needed the support of your religion to fend it off. It is not just the Christian religion that believes in evil.

Dr. John Washburn has written a new work of fiction titled WHEN EVIL PROSPERS ( I will tell you that I got hooked on the book as soon as I started reading it and finished it in two days. It has a very believable story line and it was so full of fast paced action that I did not want to put it down.The story takes place in Texas, where a sports stadium is attacked using a van full of explosives and thousands of people are killed, something in excess of ten times the destruction of the Oklahoma City Federal Building. One of the terrorists who carried out this heinous act of planned evil is caught shortly after the explosion and physically forced by a Dallas policeman to give up critical information.

The time setting is 2008 and the country has just finished eight years of Republican leadership and now has an extremely left-of-center liberal Democratic President in office. The information that is garnered from the identified Muslim extremist has allowed law enforcement agencies in the US and Europe to detect and stop other factions from destroying and killing. A young doctor who was attending the ball game at the time the stadium is destroyed, watches in horror as his wife dies in front of him and he can not save her. The extracted information from the Muslim extremist identifies what countries planned the terrorist action and what other countries assisted in the carrying out of the crime. At this point you begin to see where the new administration starts to fail the country. Instead of taking action against the nations who sponsored the attack, the new liberal President wants to hand the Dallas cop over to the UN and have him tried as a war criminal. The young doctor tries to break the Dallas cop out of custody and ends up on national news as a hero. When the Governor of Texas decides to take action in spite of the failure of the President he is attacked in the liberal press as a hate monger and American terrorist. The Governor seals the Texas-Mexican border to close off the point of entry that was used by the Muslin extremist and excites the wrath of the drug lords. “Many Americans still don't acknowledge the truth that evil exists and is bent on destroying everything good in this world” states a character in Dr. Washburn's book.The author is an active duty Air Force physician who wrote the book in all his spare time while in his medical residency. He is third generation military. While interviewing Dr. Washburn I told him that his story line was a little too real and scary. It also has the possibility of becoming a true story. He stated that was part of the intent of the book, “to create at least a small scare in the reader.” Religion plays a large part in the lives of the heroes of the book. But as it is stated in the story “this is not about religion, this is about eliminating evil.” I don't think there was a single “bad” word in the book or story description that would be considered inappropriate for any age.

I believe the book would make a great political / action movie, but it would scare the heck out of the liberals of this country and our enemies, both on US soil and beyond. Doc Washburn got it right, great read--great story--great lesson.

Major Van Harl USAF Ret.

Thanks to the Altus Times for the kind words. For more information on my book click the website below.

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