Monday, September 04, 2006

GOP = Gutless Ordinary Politicians

GOP will ease focus on illegal immigration for upcoming campaign

The GOP has just determined my vote in each congressional election of my district. I will base my vote on each candidate's position on illegal immigration.

The GOP has made it clear that they are the same sleezy politicians that infect the Left party. ALL they care about is the next election, and then the one after that. VERY FEW actually care about the issues that affect this nation, but rather which issues affect which voting groups. At least the GOP should admit that the ONLY reason they are abandoning immigration as an issue is because the Hispanic vote is too precious, and with the DEMS favoring open borders the GOP risks losing these votes. At least admit that much...but no, they hide behind some lame 'we want to focus on national security' crap. Immigration IS national security.

I'm not buying their BS platform anymore.

If my representative doesn't have the sack to do the right thing despite the political risk, then he/she doesn't deserve my vote. My vote will go to the person who makes it clear that illegal immigration must be may not be the most pressing issue of this election, but at least a politician taking that position shows that they're willing to risk isolating a major voting group in order to say and do the right thing. That's the type of person I want representing me.

And if no one on the ballot can do this, then I won't be voting. I will abstain. I WILL NOT vote for someone who cares more about their job than their country.

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