Thursday, September 06, 2007

"I've been in elected office longer than John Edwards or Hillary Clinton," said Obama. "I've passed more bills I'm sure than either of them --certainly in the state legislative level."

This was Barak Obama's response to a recent question dealing, of course, with his perceived lack of experience. Obama has been a victim of today's "gotcha" political climate. He's made a few simple blunders and those blunders have made their rounds in newspapers, television and the blogosphere. I personally think it's not fair, but that's how politics is nowadays. Obama isn't the only one victimized by this. There will be more.

But, if I were advising Mr Obama I'd tell him to take a different approach. Instead of defending his "lack of experience", I'd recommend he relish in it. After all, Obama is running as a common man type of candidate. In my book, not having experience in politics is a plus. I'm sure I am not alone. Politicians have made a mess of things over the past several decades. So if I were a candidate and someone accused me of not having experience as a politician, I'd wear that one with pride. The last thing we need is "experienced" politicians, and listening to them argue over who has passed more legislation or worked longer in politics is boring and quite off-putting. How about we let common citizens run things for a change? The candidate who embraces that concept will see his campaign take off.

Make no mistake, I am not endorsing Obama. There is very little the two of us agree on and I think he is way off in this war on terror thing (not to mention his plan for health care, totally disastrous). But I do like the notion of Obama perhaps not having experience as a politician. I count that as an asset. So, Senator, I recommend you own it. Let the other guys thump their chests about being experienced politicians. You may be surprised at the response you get.


Dan Trabue said...

He has claimed his "lack of experience" is a benefit in at least some speeches. But I agree with him that for Hillary or anyone else to claim that he lacks experience when this is her first office ever is disingenuous.

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


Be careful for what you wish. I confess that I am not a great fan George W.Bush. He was never varsity material. B/f becoming President of the United States, the only office to which Mr. Bush was ever elected was Governor of Tx to which he was first elected in 1994 and relected in 1998.

The Governor of TX is a largely figurehead position which Mr. Bush occupied for 6 years b/f becoming leader of the free world, a job at which he has not excelled.

Politicians, regrettably so in my opinion, seem to occupy a low position in esteem of may members of the public. Whereas I agree that some of this is deserved, some is also due to the fact that no matter what position a politician takes on any issue, not everyone will agree.

I seem to recall John Kerry being castigated for voting against a bill that would have provided body armor to troops which I am sure he did not b/c he did not want to provide our troops w/ body armor but b/c the bill was in some way flawed. Maybe it contained a provision to build a $15 million bridge to nowhere.

In consideration of the last 6 and 1/2 years, I think our nation would benefit from leadership w/ a some experience.



More Negative Hot-air Leftie Jabs from the Loop. Bush re-elected twice to Govern Texas, twice to the Presidency. "Figurehead Positions",
"Not Varsity Material" etc. Let the serious historians judge his legasy & competancy after his retirement, Not Now! There has not
been a more serious challenge to our national survival since WWII,
and Reagan's I.C.B.M. Cold War with the USSR. Now Bush has Vladimir Putin, China, & Global Jihad! He needs American support, not your ridicule.

Why these nabobs of negativity, these whiney puppets addicted to the slander,
of Move-on-Dot-Crap, DailyKos, Leno & Letterman, MSNBC, and Hollywood Celebrity Loonies believe they alone have Exculsive Right to Constantly Bash A Tough Job, and His Firm Resolve, It's A Mind-snapper! Keep it up, I'll choose to defend this guy from these nutty Ad Hominum Attacks.

Hard Left & Right Wingers! I say to hell with 'em both!
Sept 11, 2007. Be nice, Let's chat. reb

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


I don't like the facts any better than you do. I do not choose either to hide my head in the sand or proceed w/ the "I wish it were true" policy of the Bush Administration and those who have chosen to support its policy in Iraq.

Sorry, but my position is that George W. Bush was never qualified to be president of this country. The fact that we invaded Iraq based on faulty intelligence supports that position. Either we acted knowing the intelligence was bad or we did not know the intelligence was bad. Which is worse?

It doesn't matter to me who else you don't like but your allegiance to this president seems based on emotion rather than reason.

Lest you intone the mantra "President Bush isn't running for office again" recalling his foreign policy failures may serve as a guide for whomever we next elect.



Loop Garoo,

Attack Administration Policy All You Like, it's an American Principle.

But when you make foolish, systematic & repetitive Personal Attacks on the fellow that took the Solemn Oath of Office, shoulders the responsibility for our National Survival, one that the American Voter selected, in A Time of War,
then I must respond.
Check Sept 10th, New York Times...

For Another Personal Attack on our
Iraq Field General David Petraeus,
a West Pointer, that also took an Oath, To Protect and To Serve.

The Full Page Bold Print Reads:


George Soros "MoveOnDotOrg" paid for this scurrilous piece of trash;
It is reported that this Billionaire Crackpot now "owns" a major portion of my former Party, and
also owns the UnAmerican Sentiment
Paid For In Cold Cash, to establish
mindless hatred in a goodly share of the U.S. Electorate via Four Years of Hate/Smear Propaganda. I think he's a foreign criminal menace. I think smart fellows like you have been deceived, duped, "conditioned".

Under 1st Amendment Privilege, I have the right to think it, say it, and print it. I have a moral obligation to respond to your Personal Attacks
on George W. Bush! Regards, reb


As I recall, Ronald Reagan was the
Governor of a very 'Liberal' California (another "figurehead" position), before being elected twice to the Presidency!) and with his Optimism, plus a good grip on the political "game", and some firm steady Resolve, we somehow brought down the Berlin Wall, and diminished a Giant Communist Empire.

Go ahead Loop, Tell us he was not "Varsity" material. Your biased slogans are throwing sand at your Level-headed Common Sense. You are a victim of rumor, heresay, tricky and powerful (and a very expensive) Hate/Smear Campaign, plus a hidden Agenda, employing skillfully crafted ugly Propaganda. You can't see the Forest, cuz there's too damn many trees!

The Power of Suggestion...Powerful!
Just an old dummy's opinion. Don't
take offense.

Your pal, reb

Dan Trabue said...

Reagan got us convicted of war crimes by sponsoring terrorists in Nicaragua. That's not a smear campaign. His administration sold WMDs to Iran AND to Iraq so that they could raise money (illegally) to give to terrorists in Nicaragua. For that alone, he was a horrible president.

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


CA governors wield more political power than TX governors. It's the TX governorship that is a figurehead position, not all governorships.

Revise history all you want. Yes President Reagan stood up to the "evil empire' but at best he hastened his demise, not caused it.

Are you seriously comparing Ronald Reagan w/ George W. Bush? The major difference is that thanks to unprecedented economic growth in the 1990s most of Reagan faux pas were erased. Remeber the savvings and loan debacle? Record deficits?

Just as the world on 1940 was different than the world in 1960, the world in 1980 was different from the world in 2000.

Another major difference? At least Ronalkd Reagan had the wisdom to keep us out of conflicts like Iraq, even if he was responsible for affairs like Iran-Contra.

Yes, Ronald Reagan sure made everybody feel good. That won't count for much in 50 years when evrybody who felt good about about him is dead and a HS text book writer is composing the 2 paragraphs about his presidency.

I have always liked that exercise. Write the 2 paragraphs that will appear in a HS US History text book. It tends to allow one to focus as theree is no room for spin.