Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Kathy Griffin: "Suck it Jesus"

This past week, celebrities have seemed to go a bit wacko (and yes, I realize that may not exactly be abnormal). It started with Kathy Griffin's Emmy acceptance speech when she poked fun at people who thank Jesus, said that Jesus had nothing to do with her award and that the award is her new god. She followed this by saying "Suck it Jesus".

Of course, the Catholic Church isn't happy about this. Griffin said that she thinks it is ridiculous how people presume that Jesus cares about who wins what award. She has a point. But, the Church still feels her comment was inappropriate and offensive. I disagree.

Jesus is my God. I worship God as a supreme being, omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent, with no beginning and no end. So I don't believe a being like that would be concerned or hurt when someone like Kathy Griffin says "suck it". Think about it. If a gnat told you to suck it, would you care? So I think Jesus is way above being offended by the likes of her. After all, He endured incomprehensible pain and torture at the hands of the Romans. I think He can take a D-list actress's idiotic comments. So let's not get all wound up about this.

But the Church does have one point. If Griffin had said "Suck it Muhammed", then the situation would be completely different. Her words would be plastered on every major US newspaper, on CNN and MSNBC and certainly on the BBC. There would be death threats issued from the Middle East. She would quickly become a Hollywood outcast, going from the D-list to no list. She probably would have been booed excessively. But, instead, she took a shot at Christians and Jesus. And if there is any form of bigotry acceptable in the eyes of Hollywood and the Left, it's anti-Christian speech. This, if anything, was a good career move for her. Now, she will become an instant super-celebrity among the Hollywood elites. Insulting Jesus means instant open-arms welcome into the Hollywood club. Her career has just taken a step forward. Don't be surprised if others follow suit. Soon the anti-war message du jour will be replaced by an anti-Jesus statement. It should be quite entertaining.


The Loop Garoo Kid said...


I was practically marching in lock step w/ you until the fourth sentence of your final paragraph. Then you entered a domain that largely exists only in your own mind.

You really think that if Kathy Griffin had bashed Mohammed she would become a Hollywood outcast? The only reason why anyone would shun her company after that would be b/c radical Muslims might try and blow her up and after all, who wants to be caught in an explosion.

I find it interesting that you state the anti-war message will soon be replaced by an anti Jesus message. Remember that Kathy Griffin's comment was prompted by her feeling that Jesus cares not at all who wins what award or what game. What does that have to do w/ anything else, to wit, being against the war in Iraq?



The Hollywood Elite are on another
plane, another dimension. The Celebrity fans worship at the feet
of their Golden Calf, drop their
happy pills, smoke their own brand
of hallicinogen.

At thirty, most "Starlets" are doomed to crash, commit suicide, or die of boredom after multiple rehabs. So they get a second breath seeking out the Plastic Surgeon, and by Hating Anything of Real Value.

It's lonely, when there's No One To Trust. Hardly a life to be admired. When at last, they lose all kindness. All the roses have wilted, "and life seems so bereft, there came a blinded mortal who, won all the thorns they left!"

Their sad existance may merit the
Infamous Hillary Inscription...

"The Willing Suspension of Disbelief"...
Living A Lie!

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


You have gone to the well once too often w/ this quote. I have previously gone on record as denouncing the ad even b/f I read it b/c of its ad hominem slur playing on Gen. Petraeus' name. We are not responsible for our names.

Had the Headline to the ad read "Pentagon Statistics Mislead the American People" I probably would not have found the ad objectionable.

I am quite certain that Gen. Petraeus is not personally responsible for Pentagon statistical methodology. He was, however, the spokesman for the Petagon and the Bush administration b/f congress on the subject of the surge, which by the way I support.

So I went back to your blog and went to the ad so thoughtfully provided by Yankee Doodle for which I thank him. Then I read a few of the articles that were linked there.

Mark Twain remarked once: "There are three kinds of lies: lies; damn lies; and statistics."

If Pentagon methodology excludes from its statistics regarding sectarian vilolence the slaughter of over 500 Yazidis in late Agust 2007, then it is not only appropriate for our elected representatives to look askance at reports that claim a lessening of ethnic viloence, it is their duty.

I have also gone on record as being no admirer of Hillary Clinton. When confronted w/ evidence of manipulation of the numbers by the Pentatgon, she speaks of "a willing suspension of disbelief." I respectfully suggest
you read some of the articles regarding Pentagon methodology and draw your own conclusions from the evidence available to you b/f reach any conclusions about "a willing suspension of disbelief."




My target is not Hillary at all;

It is my hope that she gets a clear
victory over her 'wimp' fellow nominees. She's the Only Democrat with the experience, background, and guts to tackle the tough job ahead. For practical political reasons, she decided to attack Gen
Petraeus, rather than George Soros. If the Democratic Party wins back the Oval Office, she is my choice. If it's to be the GOP, then I would prefer a Gingrich/Romney or Gingrich/Giuliani ticket for the run-off.

Repeating "Willing Suspension of Disbelief" is an honor. It takes a while for the 'Hate-Groopie' to finally realize that the MoveOn Agenda is not in our best national interest. Thank you for the assist. reb


Dr. John,

Here's a Red-Hot Item for 'When Evil Prospers' fans:

In April 07, our weblog was lucky to be contacted by an Egyptian Law
Student named "mohamed", and we've
gently coaxed him into providing us
with Five Printable Questions!

I've given him my best effort, in answering his sometimes Loaded Questions. I've deferred to Loop Garoo to provide the historical data on Palestine. He did an admirable job on it. No response from Mohamed Fadly yet.

If you would care to join in, you know our Comment Section's Welcome Mat is always there for you.

Find Mohamed in July 4th, 2006 HISTORY POST. scroll down to (blue) 'mohamed'. It's Fun-time at the old corral, Yahoooo! reb

John Washburn said...

Loop, the point I was making was that it is politically incorrect to bash any sacred religious figure. Hollywood walks a strict PC line, so anyone who gets out of line will most definitely be shunned. The only exception to this sacred religious figure rule is Jesus. It's okay to bash Him all you want, there is nothing politically incorrect about it. And I was referring to celebs and their acceptance speeches when I said the anti-war message will likely be replaced by the anti-Christian message. If there is one thing Hollywood hates more than war, it's Jesus.

And I can't believe you are defending Hillary in her blunder. She called our commanding general in Iraq a liar. You can fancy that up as much as you want, but it won't change what she did. Okay, so she disputes some statistics, but what does she base that opinion on? Does she possess the truth? Has she ever been to Baghdad during the war? Does she live amongst the fighting, and interact on a daily basis with the troops in the trenches and on the streets? No, she bases that on her own statistics from an 'independent analysis'. Democrats demand that we trust the government to take care of us in every way, but 'suspend' that trust whenever the Pentagon's involved and instead rely on independent private sector statistics rather than the words of our commanding general. That is, of course, if the independent statistics fit their political agenda. And you're okay with this?

Hillary was way out of line and there is no defending her position.

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


I would still like some clarification on the way the Pentagon compiles its statistics. My final comment on the ad is that it seems to havebeen a two edged sword. One effect was to switch the debate from the surge itself to the perceived smear of Gen. Petraeus. Senate Republicans forced a resolution to condemn the group. On tghe day of the resolution, moveon.ord raided $500,000.00 from 12,000 donors, its best fundraising day of the year.


rudy said...

John, I can't believe we agree on most of this issue. I too doubt that Jesus and/or God care what any TV actress jokes about. I also agree that the death of Jesus is on the hands of the Romans, not the Jews.

However, I don't believe CNN or MSNBC would have made a big deal out of Kathy Griffin picking on Muhammed until Muslims started making death threats against her. CNN and MSNBC stood behind Salman Rushdie. Griffin and Rushdie are both very liberal minded people. Muslim extremists are very much like social conservatives. They're just from the other side of the Biblical aisle, so to speak.

John Washburn said...

"Muslim extremists are very much like social conservatives"

Except that social conservatives don't murder innocent civillians who don't share our opinion. I could just as easily say that social progressives are very much like "government is god" communists. But who is closest to insanity? That is obviously in the eye of the beholder