Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Don't taze me, bro

It's been over a week since I woke up to the story of Andrew Meyer and the taser. It was early, and I was still a bit groggy and not fully awake. The choreography and dancing was horrible, and there was a lot of stumbling, screaming and crying. At first, I thought Britney Spears had performed again the night before, but I was wrong. This was much better than Britney. At that moment, I realized how thankful I was for mini-cams and camera phones. Without these nifty little inventions we may have never witnessed Andrew Meyer's experience.

It started during a John Kerry forum at the Univ of Florida. It was open mic, but apparently Mr Meyer didn't want to share the spotlight. He was told that his time was up, and that he needed to allow others to speak, but Meyer didn't want to cooperate. He then proceeded to launch into a vulgar, nonsensical tirade of criticism typical of the Left-wing crazies, of which Meyer seems to be among the craziest. When the campus police tried to remove him, he resisted...heavily. Eventually, six campus police officers were able to subdue him to the ground, yet his resistance - both verbal and physical - continued. And then, he got the taser. What followed was a lame chorus of "ouch" and "ow" that would make any adult film star look like a grammy winning actor. Of course, there were a few boos and hisses from the audience as they jeered the perceived excessive force. Later that day, several students stated that the campus police behaved inappropriately, that Meyer was a victim. And Meyer himself is now apparently seeking legal action against them. Are they forgetting that all of this was on tape?

I've watched the film many times, mainly because of Meyer's "Don't taze me, bro" protest, and partly because I feel a somewhat sick degree of joy from watching a deadbeat loser get zapped with a cattle-prod. And what I see in this film is a lamo-quasi-activist student taking advantage of John Kerry's appearance to garner himself some fame. Within hours of his zapping, there were websites going up devoted to him and his struggle with The Man. Meyer had this whole thing planned, no doubt, and it appears to have worked to his favor. He became the Rodney King of the slacking, skateboarding, Dungeons & Dragons playing, Xtreme sports watching, HALO conquering, dope-smoking couch jockeys of America; and "Dont taze me bro" has become their battle cry. I know, it's not exactly "We shall overcome", but these aren't exactly America's most outstanding citizens either. The Andrew Meyer's of the world give protestors a bad name, and their anti-establishment MO is pathetic and - judging by his girly ouchy whine - hardly enough to strike fear in those who call the shots. Rosa Parks would have called this guy a pussy.

If you ask me, excessive force is hardly the issue. In fact, I don't think enough force was used. This guy was grandstanding and they should have at least used enough force to discourage that, or make him regret doing it in the first place. If it were me, I would have turned up the voltage a bit on that taser. I would have put enough electricity through this slacker to burn the bong-resin from his brain and erase a few years from his childhood memory. Put it this way, he wouldn't have said "ouch"; at least not until the following week when his neurologic synapses finally reconnected sometime in the middle of his History 101 class. If it were me, I would have had to tell the other officers to "clear" before I hit him with the taser. The lights probably would have dimmed a bit and there may have been some spontaneous bowel evacuation. For the rest of his life he would have felt sub-consciously compelled to lay prone on the ground every time he passed a cop on the sidewalk. But that's just me, and it's probably a good thing that I'm not a cop. And, unfortunately, I probably won't get to serve on any jury in this case. But if I did, I would recommend a medal for the boys in blue who zapped this loser.

As it is, Meyer may be a hero to Generation X-Box, but he is nothing more than a hardy laugh for the rest of us. I've even bought a "Dont taze me bro" t-shirt from Dennis Miller's website. I plan to wear it whenever I go to the gym in remembrance of Andrew and his plight. Thank God for mini-cams.


Allisoni Balloni said...

This post has done nothing but prove to me your disgusting willingness to use force and violence in a situation where it is unnecessary and very likely unlawful.

He was arrested for inciting a riot. Inciting a riot? WHO in that auditorium was rioting? Sure, he's obnoxious. And you believe that deserves being tasered? Have YOU ever been tasered, John? I would very likely bet not. Until that moment, it would probably not be a good idea for you to criticize the reaction of someone who is.

I am not at all saying that what this kid was saying was right, or standing up for him. But clearly we live in a country in which freedom is speech is supposedly long as those protecting it agree with what you say.

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


I am not goin adress the intellectual shortcomings of this post but istead will advise that I am feeling genuine concern that you may be slipping into darkness. I have not viewed the video suspecting strongly that the acts of a grandstanding undergraduate who wanted to get on uTube will contibute minimumly to my understanding of the human condition.

You, on the otherhand, state: "I've watched the film many times...partly because I feel a somewhat sick degree of joy from watching a deadbeat loser get zapped with a cattle prod."

You go on to state: "If it were me, I would have turned up the voltage a bit on that taser."

These sentiments are not worthy of anyone with a modicum of decency. You are certainly entitled to believe that Andrew Meyer got what he deserved. Watching the tape repeatedly b/c you derive pleasure from it, however, is prurient.

Watching it repeatedly b/c you enjoy seeing the pain inflicted and wishing you could have increased the pain by turning up the voltage is particularly at variance with your status as a doctor of medicine.

How do you reconcile these sentiments w/ your faith?

I think you may appreciate my concern.

Mike said...


I enjoyed your post here quite a bit. What I can never understand is the natural liberal bent to assume that the perpetrator is the victim while the authority is assumed to be the *real* perpetrator. These cops were getting kicked, punched, shouted at, and otherwise resisted on all levels. They attempted, with great patience and concern, to subdue him by "conventional" means before resorting to the taser.

The point that the two commenters above are missing is that he got exactly what he was looking for. If he had just shut up and left, as the authorities in the room directed him, he would have been spared the "shocking" (pun intended) fate he suffered. Instead, he threw a tantrum that ultimately led to his involuntary submission.

I'm not sure which version you've been watching, but in the one I saw you could hear some kid in the background saying things like, "Police brutality! Police brutality!" and "Rodney King! This is Rodney King!" Further proof that Gen X-Box has absolutely no historical grounding and no understanding of the reality around them.

Whether it's hippie grass or liberal kool-aid, these poor kids need to leave it alone so they can wake up and realize what's going on around them.

The Loop Garoo Kid said...

Hey Mike,

Have you been watching over and over also? The issue isn't did he get what he deserved or did the police respond appropriately. The issue is the pleasure that both of you derive from watching someone getting tazed.


John Washburn said...

Mike, thank you for "getting it" and I echo your sentiments. You've actually viewed the tape, so you're more qualified than the others to voice an opinion.

Loop and Allison......good grief!!! You obviously can't recognize satire when you see it. Satire involves pointing out human folly through the use of wit and hyperbole. It can't be taken 100% literal, which is what you two seem to have done. Lighten up, folks!

Mr Meyer sought fame and recognition, which is what he got even if he has become a punchline. But since you two want to take this matter seriously, and consider him a victim and not attention-starved, then I'll play along:

1) He was instructed by the police to yield the microphone and sit order he refused to obey

2) After he disobeyed the police, they attempted to remove him from the microphone, at which time he became physically confrontational...that immediately turned this into a dangerous situation. The police had no idea if this man could or would become violent or if he was armed. Everyone in that room, including Senator Kerry, was potentially in danger.

3) Two officers attempted to remove him from the building, and his physical resistance increased, he even made a move towards the stage, the same stage where a prominent US Senator was standing.

4) It took half a dozen officers to finally subdue him, and still he remained confrontational and refusing to comply with their instruction. Thus, in the interest of safety for all involved (including Meyer himself)he got tasered.

I'm just curious if either of you feel he was simply exercising his freedom of speech with these actions and not breaking the law. Since you disagree with my satirical description making him a punchline - choosing instead to make him out to be a victim - perhaps you can address these issues and explain why he was not to blame and why the police used, in your eyes, excessive force.

In my mind, you can't defend him because his behavior was beyond ridiculous, which is why I chose to turn him into a joke. He deserves it, along with every volt they zapped him with.

Again, lighten up a bit!

Anonymous said...

So when did conservatives start supporting the government? I thought they were against that sort of thing.

"The perpetrator?" Please. Are you saying because a cop tased him the man is automatically guilty?

Allisoni Balloni said...

Being attention-starved makes you worthy of being tasered? I don't think so. And being attention-starved"makes you less of a victim of unjust actions? Britney Spears is attention-starved and exposes herself in public pretty frequently these days. Some guy sees this as in invitation and rapes her. Is it ok to then NOT consider Britney Spears a victim, because she was attention starved?

I don't believe that your post fits into the category of satire. You mean what you have written and I know this because your ideology is clear on these sorts of matters and has been well-displayed in your previous posts. I said in my comment that I wasn't defending his obnoxiousness, but at what point of his speaking did it become necessary for police to interfere? He become confrontational because he was being removed from the room for no apparent reason. Senator Kerry was saying repeatedly that he would answer the questions that were asked.

I don't believe that he was breaking the law until the point that he was resisting arrest, but clearly in order for that to be a valid statement, the arrest would need to be legitimate. I will await the results of the investigation into this matter before making any judgments about that.


This young fellow had a basic plan.

a) Get hold of a Mike, begin a conversation with a Senator, b) stay on the mike to attract media cameras, c) refuse to surrender mike, d) Here comes the Fuzz! e) now, back away, holding onto mike, flail arms, bruising lady cop, f) taken down, yelling "Don't Taze me, bro!" Zap!

Perfect! He's Made National Tv, got
his Taze, and now he'll Sue 'Em...

and with a Silver-tongued Lawyer, Working The Same Old Contingency Racket, it's a variation of the Slip & Fall Con. The kid hopes to 'Get Rich Quick'! The Ambulance-Chasing Lawyers will line-up to represent this poor, innocent lad.

Barnum & Bailey, Mutt & Jeff. Old as the Hills, Dirtier than dirt.

Another Frivolous Lawsuit! Nothing to get too excited about folks.

Loop knows the game, It's Generic. Don't let him pull-yer-leg. reb

Allisoni Balloni said...

Oh, and I have viewed the tape. Several different lengths and viewpoints of the incident. I have also read several accounts of it. What else does it take to become qualified to have an opinion on the issue? Thoughts that echo yours?

The Loop Garoo Kid said...

alison is entitled to her opinion as are we all. I have none regarding the incident except to think that Andrew Meyer's experience is perhaps another variation on an Aristotlean tenet.

My single point began w/ your pronouncement that you had watched the film many times. That particular admission gave me pause.
Your satire, which indeed I recognized, would have been more effective had you stated; "I saw the tape."

I just wonder why you would want to see someone being tazed over and over.



Why do any of us watch a repeat performance of an Epic Fraud?

To re-assure ourselves that we have come to a logical conclusion.

It's not an 'evil thing' to observe a Live-on-Tv Grande Soap Opera Unfolding. Is it?

A Possible Future Precedent-Setting Trial, with new Laws Restricting Fraudulent Claims, may result from this single case.

Now that's more dramatic than the Boring Daily Tv Court Trials with Judge Judy! reb

John Washburn said...

Rob, support the gov't? I support police officers and soldiers who do their job. They are professionals who have lives in their hands daily, and have to make difficult split-second decisions in difficult situations. These officers acted in a potentially dangerous situation and have been thrown under a bus for it, as is typical in today's society where the criminal is the victim and the cops/soldiers are the criminals. This isn't about supporting the gov't, it's about affording those who protect us the benefit of the doubt.

Allisoni, thank you for informing me of how I think. Now I truly know how it feels to be a liberal. I'm sorry you didn't get the satire, perhaps I can use a disclaimer for similar posts in the future.


The Left-Of-Center does get testy
when they see peace-officers attempt to quiet a rude, attention-getting punk, that REFUSES to give up the mike, that ignores an order to behave, that flails arms wildly
in a peaceful assembly.

He'll treasure that "Don't Taze Me,
Bro! bumper sticker.

It ruined Kerry's gig, but so what! Youthful Vanity Must Be Served. Now people will recognise him. He's got Celebrity Status in minutes! Got Something For Doing Nothing! Yaaa!
That dumb pinhead kid got what he came for, and his girlie-friend is so proud of him!

Perhaps Allisoni should view the tape a couple more times. She didn't see what most of us did.

I'll bet Momma Meyers is hiding from the neighbors. Bet she knows her big clod better than any of us!
Not to worry, Mom. He'll grow up. It will just take a little longer.

The MoveOn Hate Clubs have done a number on so many! Hate the Cops, Hate the military, Impeach Bush/Cheney! Yes, Allisoni, we've
got your number too; am I right?

Just a guess. reb

Anonymous said...

Rob, support the gov't? I support police officers and soldiers who do their job.

Their job is to do the will of the government. I do not agree with government policy. Therefore I do not support police officers doing their jobs, unless they save a life, instead of bullying a guy with a taser. Most cops today, however, give our speeding tickets. And eat donuts.

Soldiers are a different issue; I'd need an entire post to talk about that sort of thing. But to lump them with police isn't fair.

Anonymous said...

Snake Hunters sez,

"Most cops today, however, give our
speeding tickets. And eat donuts".

"I do not agree with government policy". (non-specific)


I can hardly wait for your talk on soldiering. An Entire Post! Hey, now your talkin', robert m!
That should be an in-depth report.

What Division? M.P.'s, you seem to
have special knowledge of Enforcement. Perhaps Mechanized, Airborne, Special Forces, or was it, perhaps Intelligence? How many years in service? Any overseas duty? Enlighten us, please do.

I have a suggestion, robert:

Print this. Then laminate it for your wallet, or Frame it for your Desk-top. Then, read it back, Out a few years! R.E.B.

John Washburn said...

Reb, well said my friend.

Robert, I don't think we have to point out how asinine your statement was. Is it asking too much for you to show a little respect for police officers?

Here's a better idea. How about the cops in Rob's hometown take the week off in order to help the young lad better understand and appreciate what they do. Then when he issues his apology, they can go back to work fighting crime.

What do you say?

Anonymous said...

Interesting idea. The cop in my town must've been taking the week off both times our house was vandalized. He was, however, there when I was doing eight over the speed limit.

"Serve and protect."


Vandalizing Homes is not a crime indulged by career criminals. It's
ordinarily done by some spoiled teenager packing a grudge, maybe against you, Robert! Have you insulted anyone, besides cops, lately?

Some kids just seem to hate anyone
that crosses their path, like dear old Dad, teachers, policemen, coaches, or someone...maybe in government work? It's a fairly common trait, if you listen real the whining.

The bright ones eventually outgrow it; but then, Here Comes Another Crop!
A word to the wise-guy, is wasted.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I actually love my dad, and respect deeply my teachers, and my coach, as they'd all vouch for.

And my house was vandalized by the type of punks you describe, who were drunk and randomly selected a house.

Illiterate asshole.

Sorry, John, if that was uncalled for, but your uneducated friend there is speaking from a position which is condescending and totally assuming. He's basically profiling me, inaccurately I might well add, like a freshman psyche student, and I resent that.

John Washburn said...

Rob, I understand the anger that occurs when you feel you have been assaulted personally. It happens to me frequently. But please keep the profanity to a minimum.

And please, my friends, let's be civil here. If Loop and I can be civil, then by God there is hope for all!

I'm not sure I understand why you've pigeon-holed all police because of your personal experience, but I think you will change your mind one day. Your home was vandalized, that's hardly the fault of the police. And you were ticketed for speeding, which was actually your fault. I don't think that's enough to insult an entire profession of brave, selfless individuals, and allude to the same concerning soldiers (if this is what you were alluding to). Hopefully, your future experiences will prove you wrong.


Still snotty, still belligerent, Robert m!

Teenagers are not expected to have an over-abundance of wisdom. At one time, we were all short on experience, and given to a certain
bravado, which when recalled much later, seems humorous.

However, if left unchallenged after graduation, your verbal abuse continues, the ridicule factor only magnifies until someday, you'll face
an unsympathetic stranger, or a Drill Sargeant, facing the task of turning the high-school basketball star, green as a gourd, into a valued team-member of a combat infantry squad. That's where maturity matters!

Try your Habitual Potty-mouth on that fellow, Robert. See what comes next! He doesn't carry around Novocain for your swollen lip!

You'll belatedly learn, the hard way, that arrogance on a gentleman's blog has No Reward, just sympathy.

You've obviously learned nothing here. It's natural for Mom & Dad to
like you; the world is more callous.

That chip on your shoulder is heavier than most. We'll all remember you though, as the 'Cops & Donuts Kid'. Score, Zero.

A friendly...older guy.


An Apology...

From one web-logger to my friendly
fellow-blogger John Washburn:

Re-reading my reactions to your young guest prompted me to counter
the rude arrogance and brute ridicule & disdain displayed for all authority, perhaps I went a bit beyond an appropriate response.

When we, as citizens allow callous remarks aimed at honest law enforcement officers, or recent treacherous full-page ads by Hate Groups such as the NY Times/MoveOn Scurrilous Ads against General Petraeus to go unchallenged, we are remiss if we fail to answer.

As far as your young guest is concerned, given time, and a few bumps in the road, he'll probably be just fine. The learning process is hardly ever smooth. reb

Anonymous said...

John, when you say,

I'm not sure I understand why you've pigeon-holed all police because of your personal experience,

it's really unfair. My opinions aren't based on my experiences. They're based on a wide variety of evidence. The only reason I brought those experiences up was because you suggested the cops in my neighborhood take the week off. All I said was that it wouldn't make a difference probably. So you can't just jump to the conclusion that my opinions are based only on that. You were the first one to bring up a "what if" that had to do with me personally.

And who says I blame the vandalism on the cops? What I'm implying is that they can't stop property crime, but then can lie in wait for a kid to accelerate from 30 to 40 when the speed limit sign changes, and then book him for "speeding." Are they really doing their job? I think not.

Also, I said nothing bad towards soldiers. In fact, I was careful to keep them separate from the police. so that comparison isn't really fair either.

Snake Hunters,

You're obviously one of those elderly people who will always look down on youth, no matter who they are. I actually apologize for my disrespect. I should be pitying you. Your generation is over, and those you look down on will be running the country soon. That must be hard for you.

I think more can be gained by ignoring you than trying to fight the ageist in you. I don't need to argue anyway. As I said, my generation will be running the country soon, and your opinion really won't matter then will it?

Good day sir.