Monday, May 21, 2007

Memorial Day is one week away. It is a national holiday meant to honor the fallen of wars past. It is a time of remembrance and mourning. It is a tribute to those who paid so dearly for what we all enjoy on a daily basis. If there is any day of the year to put aside our differences and come together in respect, it’s this day.

This article refers to an email that he received regarding the Edwards campaign. Apparently, this message urges Americans to attend local Memorial Day parades and activities carrying banners that say “support the troops, end the war.” Accompanying this message is the obligatory “paid for by John Edwards for President.”

Is this real? I certainly hope not. To give the benefit of the doubt, this could very well be anti-Democrat propaganda put out to make Edwards look bad. That would indeed be horrible, but still better than the alternative, which is that this is a legitimate message and Edwards is actually encouraging political protest on Memorial Day. To be honest, judging Edwards by his past actions, this certainly looks like the work of a trial-lawyer. In other words, it’s low and it’s cheap and it’s highly disrespectful to our fallen heroes.

Hopefully, Edwards will come forward and clear the air. If not, he has a lot of explaining to do. You can protest the war all you want, but in the interest of decency let’s keep Memorial Day as a day of remembrance, not a day of division.

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