Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Back in high school when I played ball we had certain rules that had to be followed. They were the coach’s rules, meant to teach us discipline. If someone broke one of those rules then the punishment was given to the entire team. Yes, when a teammate cut class or failed to turn in an assignment, we all ran or did pushups as a result. The idea was that problems were worked out internally, and it was a very effective means of getting us to behave ourselves. We didn’t get mad at the coach for enforcing his rules, we got mad at the person who broke those rules and the problem got fixed. Apparently, those high school kids had better insight than the people of Mexico.

Believe it or not, I’m going to tie this in to the recent Miss Universe pageant. The pageant was held in Mexico City, a ciudad where apparently the citizens have trouble behaving with class and dignity. Every time Miss USA made an appearance, she was heckled and booed mercilessly. Even when she tripped and fell (perhaps because she was shaken by the rude treatment) she was the target of scattered laughter and ridicule. The pundits felt this treatment was the citizens’ reaction to America’s current immigration policy, which is puzzling to me since we don’t actually have an immigration policy other than amnesty. I guess that’s not good enough for the people of Mexico.

Never mind the fact that Miss USA has no political power, and is in no way responsible for our foreign policy. Never mind the fact that Mexico’s second largest import is money sent back to their country from immigrants in America, their first being tourism much of which comes from America. Never mind the fact that Mexico’s governmental failure, ineptness, incompetence and corruption is the primary reason why their economy sucks so bad, thus creating these pseudo-refugees that resort to illegal means of seeking economic prosperity in a country that has been more generous to them than any other nation on this planet. Never mind the fact that the vast majority of Americans welcome immigrants into this country with open arms, all we ask is that they obey our laws. I guess that’s too much for us to ask, shame on us I suppose. How silly of us Americans to ask people to obey our laws in return for the opportunity to pursue their own American dream. For decades the people of Mexico have thumbed their nose at our laws with their gimmee, gimmee, gimmee attitude, and now they react with surprise and disgust when many of us, as a result of their gluttonous cavalier behavior, demand tougher laws and tighter control. It seems like they’d be more upset with those who broke the rules than those who make the rules. It seems like they’d demand change in their own government. It seems so, but again, judging by their behavior towards our beauty contestant, they don’t seem to know the meaning of class and dignity.

I’m sure the Left will tssk, tssk about this, waning on about how we have alienated our allies and about America’s negative international reputation. A few may even consider re-evaluating the proposed amnesty legislation to make it not as tough on those who break our laws (as though it can get any easier), certainly hoping to solidify the ever precious Hispanic vote in a Faustian display of political “sensitivity”. It’s doubtful any of them will point fingers at those who are actually breaking the law. In their eyes, criminals are free of guilt and criminal behavior is always the result of a faulty society.

This is just another example in a long trend of America-bashing (no wonder the Left loves them so much, they share a similar hatred for this country) that has become the favorite past-time of the international community ever since we disposed of the menacing Russian bear that threatened to take away everyone’s freedom. Well, Americans are getting a little tired of being the world’s doormat. For centuries, our generosity has been unsurpassed and unprecedented. Never has there been a group of people so intent on world peace and prosperity for all, and there never will be once we fall. We give of ourselves like no other population on this planet. We bend over backwards to help those in need, even to the point of sending our sons and daughters to die so that someone a world away can have the right to vote for their own leaders. Whenever there is a crisis, America is always the one to look to (that’s the only time when America-bashing isn’t quite as popular). We ask for nothing in return, aside from respecting our laws and not bombing our civilians, a small request in my mind.

Yet, this generosity is repaid with venom spewed by the perpetually selfish who always want more and the self-righteous elitist snobbery who envy and despire our position as lone superpower and seek our ultimate destruction. Eventually, the giver will tire of giving to the unappreciative and will recognize when they are being taken advantage of. Perhaps that’s part of the reason why we want tighter border control. If you can’t pay us the respect of obeying our laws, then why the hell should we continue our generous ways? These people choose not to respect our laws. Instead, they choose gimmee, gimmee, gimmee, without even a simple thank you in return. They can’t even conduct themselves civilly at a beauty pageant for crying out loud! What’s that say about the Mexican people?

Personally, I think the people of Mexico can stick it where el sol doesn’t shine, and you can quote me on that, amigo!

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Well-stated, John. Gregory would be proud. --Deano