Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Here is a recent review of my book: When Evil Prospers. Courtesy of Curled Up

Tragedy strikes again in 2009 as terrorists attack American civilians, this time in Texas. One-fourth of Ameriquest field in Arlington is blown away while the stadium is packed with baseball fans. So soon after 9/11, how can this be happening again? Have we learned nothing from the attack on New York City? Over 5,200 are killed in this latest blast, and that’s not counting the many injured. Hospitals are at maximum capacity with healthcare personnel working impossibly long shifts, and there doesn’t seem to be any relief on the horizon.

Two of the perpetrators are involved in a serious car accident as the attempt to make their getaway. One perp lives, one dies. In the other vehicle, a mother dies at the scene and her little girl dies at the hospital. The outraged fans catch the perpetrator as he was tries to escape the wreckage. A Middle-Eastern man, cursing America is apprehended in London along with another accomplice.

Dr. Mark Daltry, his brother Andy, also a doctor, and Mark’s wife, Teresa, are all at the ballpark when the attack occurs. The brothers live, but Teresa is killed. Despite their shock at Teresa’s sudden death, the brothers begin giving medical assistance to the many victims who have been literally blown out of the stadium.

U.S. President Deborah Hillman immediately assembles her cabinet for advice on how best to proceed. Newly elected, she knows this emergency can make or break her political career. There are many diplomatic concerns to be taken under consideration; permission from the United Nations is sought before any military response can be initiated.

Texas Governor Ed Hood cannot believe that immediate action has not been taken to protect the citizens, other than federal funds from FEMA being released. The president invites him to Washington to meet with her and her cabinet. Disclosures of a corrupt U.N. and many nations being against America result in the governor leaving Washington dissatisfied and committed to protecting his state by calling on the National Guard.

As days become weeks, a bereaved Mark Daltry has sequestered himself in his home. When Teresa died, she took all the best parts of him with her. His future seems useless and fruitless. His brother Andy lures him from the house to go the shooting range. After discharging 28 successful rounds, Andy confronts his brother about his grief, about becoming a vigilante, and about his sanity.

When Evil Prospers is a political thriller with a complicated storyline, at times sluggish and bogged down by too much background information on some characters. The thought of more terrorist activity this soon recalls the emotions, tragedy and turmoil of 9/11. A distressing and difficult read.

While this review is less-than-favorable (compared to what others have said), I want to express my appreciation to Curled Up for their comments and their candor. I don't take issue with their assessment, although I do feel they missed the central point of the book. What I do take issue with is something that is not unique to them. You can find it in the last paragraph and pretty much anytime a frank discussion about 9/11 occurs.

Why is it that so many people have such a difficult time recalling and discussing the events of 9/11 and our current war on terror because it's "too soon"? I really believe that kind of attitude speaks volumes about this nation's attitude towards the task at hand. Can you imagine someone in 1947 saying it's "too soon" to relive the events of Pearl Harbor? Yet, that's what we hear from so many when the events of 9/11 are relived today, whether through book or movie or whatever. Could it be that people like this realize that reliving 9/11 also means having to confront those who perpetrated it? Is that the reason so many people continue to say "I'm not ready"?

I wrote a book with a distinct theme, a message, a lesson. For those who haven't read it, here are the points I make in the book:

We are a severely divided nation
We are a nation at war
Our enemy is strongly united in the cause of America's destruction
If we don't come together, we WILL be defeated

I think it's an important message. These four points are things that, I think, ALL Americans should hear, starting with the imbeciles in Washington. And yet my book catches grief because it "recalls the emotions, tragedy and turmoil of 9/11". We have to do a better job of big picture grasping here. Right now, our country is engaged in a fight for survival against an enemy the likes of which we have never seen. It's time to focus.

For those who have read the book, I welcome YOUR thoughts on this matter.

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