Thursday, May 24, 2007

I’ve said over and over that the Left just doesn’t get the war on terror. They don’t get it. They don’t understand it, they don’t know anything about it. They don’t get its origins and they certainly don’t know how to fight it or bring it to an end. Two news articles put out today express these thoughts with precision.

First, Amnesty International issued a report about the damage done by the global war on terror. This is part of what they said:

“The gap between Muslims and non-Muslims notably deepened, fueled by discriminatory counter-terrorism strategies in Western countries, warned the rights group in its annual report.”

Personally, I don’t know of any discriminatory practices the US gov’t engages in. In fact, I don’t think we go far enough, but that’s just me. What amazes me about this statement is that it clearly places blame on the West for this current conflict. Excuse me, but you can’t get any more discriminatory than deliberately targeting people who are not of your religion and then killing them. The only requirement these people have to kill someone is that the victim NOT be Muslim. Doesn’t that qualify as a “discriminatory strategy”? Yet, Amnesty International doesn’t seem to feel the need to criticize the radical Muslims. No, it’s the West’s fault…I guess because we somehow force them to carry out random acts of violence against civilians.

Let me be clear, the West didn’t ask to be involved in a war on terror. Bush didn’t want it. His approval rating would be through the roof if it weren’t for the war on terror. No one wanted this. If it were up to America, the world would live in peace. No one can argue that with any sense or reason. We didn’t ask these lunatics to fly planes into our buildings. But they did. They did it because we’re not Muslim, and because they hate our “anything goes” culture. And, guess what, they did it before we implemented these so-called “discriminatory counter-terrorism strategies”, so obviously that had nothing to do with their acts of violence. It goes to reason that eliminating these things will do nothing to discourage future acts of violence. However, we haven’t been attacked since then, so maybe these strategies are actually having a positive effect. Again I say, the Left is clueless, and AI’s statement above is proof of that.

They went on to say this (about terrorist organizations): "Unless governments address the grievances on which these groups feed, unless they provide effective leadership to bring these groups to account ... the prognosis for human rights is dire."

Yes, you read it right. I double-checked. The quote is accurate. These people are suggesting a policy common on the Left, a failed policy that has been tested in history and only ever led to more bloodshed and bigger wars. That policy is appeasement. Address the grievances? These people aren’t filling out complaint cards, they’re murdering innocent civilians. And we’re just supposed to give them what they want so they’ll stop? Hitler had a grievance once. He felt the Sudetenland belonged to Germany. So we addressed his grievance and gave it to him. What happened next? Appeasement doesn’t work. Negotiating with people who only want us dead doesn’t work. We can’t just fix this problem with dialogue, because these people don’t want a peaceful planet. They want a radical Muslim planet, and they want anyone who disagrees to die. Tell me how we can address that grievance? Should we all just commit suicide, or should we all convert to Islam? Pick one, because that’s the only way we are going to address their grievances.

Amnesty International is so concerned about human rights abuses, yet they seem focused on blaming the West while ignoring the real culprits. Who is more guilty of rights abuses? Again, the radical Muslim sect seems to have escaped Amnesty International’s criticism. Maybe, just maybe, if we stop blaming and fighting amongst ourselves, then we can focus on the real enemy here. Can you imagine the outcome of WW II if groups like this were portraying America as the bad guy? Can you imagine the negative effect it would have had on that war? I can. It involves a swastika flying over our nation’s capital instead of the American flag. Amnesty International obviously hasn’t thought of what kinds of human rights abuses would come if the radical Muslim sect actually achieved their objective of world domination. They haven’t realized that perhaps the only thing keeping that from happening is the action of the West. So maybe they should back off a little.

The Left needs to wake up before it’s too late. We’re likely gonna have one of these bleeding hearts in the White House in ’08. Edwards’ recent address is a preview of how the Left wants to deal with things. The Islamofascists are licking their chops at the opportunity to have a go at us once one of these useful idiots is in power. If they don’t change their way of thinking soon, then bad things are going to happen and I’m afraid it will make 9/11 look like a cake walk.

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