Wednesday, April 04, 2007

This is the radical Left’s idea of “peaceful assembly”. Karl Rove was the victim of assault last night while visiting American University. He was there to address the college Republicans and while leaving a group of protesters began throwing various objects at him and his vehicle. Security had to come in for crowd control just so Rove could drive off. And, yet again, we have an example of the radical Left attempting to forcefully silence those who disagree with them.

Ann Coulter had a pie thrown at her. The Minutemen had their stage rushed and were shouted down by them. A Michigan Congressman’s office was vandalized. Even Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama have been targeted by these anti-democracy, anti-free speech loons. It seems there is nothing about free speech these people cherish and only the ACLU seems to support them. There is nothing about peaceful assembly they respect. All that matters to them is their agenda, and anyone who disagrees has become a target. In my mind, it’s only a matter of time before these people become even more violent and someone really gets hurt.

Pope blames Western colonialism for plundering Africa

To some degree, the Pope has a point. Colonialism has had some detrimental effects on Africa. I can see where one can make that argument. But let me argue the other side for a moment because I think this guy is way off on the big picture. If you look at the more “developed” parts of Africa you will see that they are the direct result of European colonization. The Mediterranean coast has strong French influence and, of course, the Dutch brought a good deal of progress into South Africa. Where Africa is hurting is in the central region, the Congo basin. Yes, European colonialism played a role here too, but I see that much of that area’s problem rests with sectarian violence and civil unrest. Basically, these people are killing, starving, enslaving and oppressing each other to a substantial degree. And the Pope wants to blame the West for that? Gimme a break.

Frankly, I’m a little tired of hearing about Africa’s problems. The Mediterranean nations and South Africa have taken it upon themselves to better their countries and, for the most part, they’ve done a pretty good job. That very well could be due to Western influence, or simply because they realized that killing and enslaving each other is generally not a good thing. The point is, if Africa wants to rise out of the depths of the third world then it’s going to take a little effort on their part, and that begins with stopping the killing, genocide and enslavement. Consider it a good first step.

What really bugs me is that the West is criticized by the Pope for too much influence in Africa, and then criticized by the Lefty goons for NOT taking enough action, as if Darfur is a threat to our national security. So which is it? Are we supposed to let Africa sort things out themselves, like the Left wants Iraq to do, or are we supposed to send in troops to “occupy” the area and restore order?


Dan Trabue said...

Rove had things thrown at his car, he was not a victim of assault. Nonetheless, I disagree with that sort of harassment of individuals, even individuals I disagree with.

A couple of other points:

1. No mention was made that those who threw stuff at the car were pacifists. If someone who believes in violence-as-solution were in the crowd, they may well have committed some even more violent acts. And why not? IF you believe that violence is an acceptable means to your end.
2. That being the case, we should keep in mind that he who lives by the sword, dies by the sword is a valid truism. This administration has made the case repeatedly that it is acceptable to attack those you perceive to be a threat - EVEN IF they are not currently being a threat. Those who'd assault Rove's car are just acting out Bush's philosophy, right?

I mean, should we or should we not use violence as one of the tools to stop those we think are dangerous and a threat to our way of life?

I say no. You?

John Washburn said...

Dan's comment, ladies and gentlemen, is what you call spin...and it's pure rubbish. It amazes me how you people can take ANY situation and twist and turn it into Bush's fault (see my latest post). I guess if Bush were a Clinton-esque pushover then we wouldn't have to deal with these lunatics. In other words, if you want to avoid violent conflict then simply roll over to the demands of the bullies...sounds a lot like Democrat foreign policy.

So, in light of your spin, here are the facts. It's a Constitutional right for ANY citizen to speak his mind in a peaceful manner. Karl Rove has that right as well, and those who try to forcibly silence him should be condemned, not have their actions rationalized by appeasers.

These people clearly attempted to deny Rove his Constitutional right. Those are the facts and should not be lost in your "blame Bush" philosophy. Regardless of whether or not you agree with Rove, you should NEVER make excuses for people who try to deny basic human rights to another American citizen.

Dan Trabue said...

John's comment, ladies and gentlemen, is what you call denial. He read my statement and didn't respond to it, but instead to a strawman that I didn't bring up.

I disagree with the sort of behavior demonstrated by the protestors. I clearly said so.

Then I went on to point out that they were behaving in the same way that Bush was behaving and I condemn both.

John, instead of choosing a side (should we encourage violence as a solution or should we encourage dialog), you've chosen to ignore the question and kill the messenger.

Your site, your choice.

For myself, I say you should NEVER make excuses for people who try to deny basic human rights to ANY citizens of planet earth. I suppose by your ignoring the question, you're making your choice? Saying it's okay as long as it's not MY guy you're denying human rights to?

John Washburn said...

To answer your question, violence is necessary to deal with those who accept no other is never appropriate as a means of denying someone's basic human rights.

It is necessary sometimes. You may think it should NEVER be used. I disagree. Regardless, comparing these students to our actions overseas IS spin and completely inaccurate.

Dan Trabue said...

Yes, it is not a fair comparisons. These students apparently threw stuff at a car.

In Iraq, people are dying.

Big difference.