Tuesday, April 03, 2007

"It's time the self-appointed strategists on Capitol Hill understood a very simple concept: You cannot win a war if you tell the enemy you're going to quit," Vice President Dick Cheney.

I’ve never left any doubts about how I feel about our political leaders, namely those in Congress who are supposedly representing the people. This post will be not different, and if I get a bit over the top it’s because I’m extremely pissed at these people and what they’re doing to further their own political party – now to the point of endangering the lives of American servicemen. What this Congress has done - the Congress that WE THE PEOPLE put in office - has to be one of the lowest, most deceitful, subhuman, dishonest acts ever perpetrated on Capitol Hill. We were scammed in November ’06 and every day that goes by reveals that the scam is worse and worse. What have we done to this country?

It has long been my position that if the Democrats want to end the war, if they want to do what “the majority of Americans wish” then they can end the war immediately by cutting the funding. It’s that simple. They think they have the majority on their side. They think the people want the war over. Fine. End it. Now. Vote the funds down and bring the troops home. If they were representing the people, wouldn’t that be the right thing to do? But that’s not what happened. Instead, they vote to fund the war – despite their own personal objections to the war – and they add a number of domestic spending "carrots" to ensure they get the votes for this nonsense. In effect, they bribed this bill through Congress. Then they add a poison pill to the funding which undermines the military effort and telegraphs our intentions to the enemy by setting a drop-dead withdrawal date…basically, they put together a bill that they KNOW the President will not ever sign. They know he will veto it and the war will go unfunded. Why do this? So they can point at the President and say that HE is the one putting the troops in danger.

In other words, they lack the sack to actually do what they feel the American people want, so they're going to force Bush to do it by sending him an unsignable bill. To say this is incomprehensible would be an understatement. These people have sunken to scum level. Check that, they're worse than scum, these people have sunken to attorney level - which fits since most of them are attorneys anyway.

But that’s not all. Before actually agreeing on the details of the bill, before actually voting and passing the bill and putting it on the President’s desk…Congress takes their 2 week Easter vacation while we approach the 2 month mark of having no funds for the troops. That’s right, folks. As we speak, the war is not funded, the troops are not funded, and those responsible for providing that funding are home sipping mimosas and playing golf. Do any of my readers get 2 weeks off for Easter? Think about that as your taxes are jacked through the roof next year. Meanwhile, we are at day 58 since Bush asked Congress for continued funding and our military leaders are now saying that operations will soon need to be scaled back, including troop rotations. Which means that some of the troops scheduled to rotate out of Iraq may not be able to because we don't have the money to do it. And YOUR Congressman has taken 2 weeks off while this goes on. And this goes on while leaders in Baghdad have loosened the nightly curfew on the citizens, citing an improvement in security on the ground.

So, it appears the troop surge is working and it's now obvious to me that THAT'S why the Dems have stooped to this level. What they fear most is success in Iraq. What would be devastating to their party is a stable, secure Iraq. So in order to ensure that doesn't happen, they basically waffle on the funding in hopes that it may disrupt the surge and tilt things back toward the insurgents. Over the top? I doubt it. These tactics are grotesque and offensive to me. Instead of acknowledging the recent success in Iraq, they decide to backdoor the support from under the feet of the troops. Is there any other explanation for their actions?

These people are incompetent bastards. I doubt any of them would have done this if their son or daughter were overseas fighting this war. But it’s the President who’s putting their lives at risk…right? Every day that goes by with this Congress in power it becomes more evident that her mighty Pompassness, Queen Pelosi and King Reid – along with their court of Dick “the troops are Nazis” Durbin; John “the troops are dumb” Kerry; Barak “the troops are wasted” Obama; John “I can hear dead people” Edwards; Ted “my past is irrelevant” Kennedy; Robert “KKK” Byrd; and Hillary “stand by my lyin cheatin stealin man but not our military” Clinton - more closely resemble common disease ridden sewer rats than actual human beings, which may be quite insulting to sewer rats. At least sewer rats live in the sewer, these people reside on snob hill while looking down upon the rest of us from their egocentric perches, all the while claiming to represent “the little guy”. But at least Sean Penn thinks they’re doing a good job. After all, he really does have his finger on the pulse of America.

It’s nice to know that Congress has risen up to their responsibility. It’s nice to know that they pay themselves obscene amounts of money to take 2 weeks off for Easter without funding the US military. It’s nice to know that Pelosi thinks she’s entitled to military transport but can’t ensure the same thing for the common US Corporal due to come home this month until she’s done hiding Easter eggs and eating chocolate bunnies. It’s a good thing Congress left the troops unfunded, otherwise the ACLU might have taken exception to their Easter holiday. After all, if there’s one thing the ACLU hates more than God, it’s the American soldier.

Perhaps if Congress would stop thumping their chests about the ’06 election they would be able to notice that the latest polls show that 60% of the American people disapprove of the job they are doing. That's right, it's not just President Bush that has bad numbers. I’m wondering how a 2 week Easter holiday, a politically-weighted bribe-laden war bill, and the largest tax increase in human history will play into that approval rating. And if you think that Congress is representing your interest, then you’re basically endorsing this behavior, and you need a hefty dose of reality. Which begs the question – Who’s worse, the lying political backstabbing, self-interest seeking, rhetoric spilling, troop endangering, terrorist enabling politician or the common citizen who voted for him?

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