Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The most important man in Iraq....

This is a phenomenal piece from NY Sun reporter, Eli Lake. This is exactly the type of news that the "major" news outlets find too uplifting to report. It appears as though the wave of freedom is indeed washing across Iraq and more and more people are taking up the cause, and the responsibility of reclaiming their country from the terrorists.

" The most important man in Iraq is someone of whom most Americans have never heard. He is not the general, David Patraeus, whom President Bush sent to Baghdad to win the war his wise men said could not be won. He is not Prime Minister Maliki, whose commitment to a unified Iraq Mr. Bush's national security adviser questioned in a leaked memo last winter. Nor is he the ethnic cleansing cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, who has not shown his head in Baghdad since February.

Meet Abdul Sattar al-Rishawi, the Sheikh who leads the Anbar Salvation Front. The front, a model now being emulated in Diyala and other provinces, could — if it works —win the war. It is an affiliation of 42 local tribal chiefs dedicated to expelling al-Qaeda from Iraq. As opposed to the other Sunni Iraqi leaders, who spent the last four years trying to broker deals between the Americans and the less pious terrorists devoted to destroying any government that failed to reflect the Ba'athist fiction that Sunni Arabs are a majority in Iraq, the Anbar Salvation Front is coordinating its counter-terrorism with both the Marines and the elected government....."

If you are truly interested in what's going on over, if America has a chance at success, if Iraq has a chance at freedom, then you MUST read this column. Excellent work, Mr. Lake. Keep up the good work!

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