Saturday, November 10, 2007

Pelosi pushes for Iraq War vote

President Bush has asked Congress for another $200 billion to continue funding the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Nancy Pelosi has put together a counter offer. She intends to push a funding measure that allots $50 billion for the troops, with the caveat that troop withdrawals begin immediately and be completely withdrawn within a year. In addition, her bill would set in law the rules in the Army Field Manual, which do not allow torture, in an attempt to ban waterboarding. The legislation would also incorporate language from bills by Sen. Jim Webb (D-Va.) and Rep. Ellen Tauscher (D-Calif.) that would grant additional training and rest time for troops between deployments. While discussing the bill and the war, Pelosi stated that there was "no light at the end of the tunnel".

Okay, what Pelosi said is simply dishonest. Just yesterday, the US Commander in Baghdad issued a statement that Al Qaeda has been routed from Baghdad, and that surge troops will be allowed to come home as planned. He also said, "there's just no question" that violence has declined since a spike in June. "Murder victims are down 80 percent from where they were at the peak," and attacks involving improvised bombs are down 70 percent, he said.

Fil attributed the decline to improvements in the Iraqi security forces, a cease-fire ordered by the Shiite cleric Moktada al-Sadr, disruption of financing for insurgents and, most significant, Iraqis' rejection of "the rule of the gun."

This is what Pelosi views as no light at the end of the tunnel. Could she be any more dishonest?

Let's get to the heart of the matter. Yes, Pelosi will argue that she is just trying to do what the voters elected her to do. She views 2006 as a mandate to end the war in Iraq. That's what she'll say, but don't believe it for a second.

The truth is, Pelosi is getting desperate. Her Congress is going down in flames. Approval numbers are dismal and now over 50% of Americans feel members of Congress don't deserve to be re-elected. She is in crisis mode, and she views Iraq as the potential final nail in her proverbial coffin. She knows what's going on in Iraq, which is exactly why she and her Dem buddies are taking drastic action to end the war now, before we achieve success. The Defeatocrats have invested much of their political future in US failure in Iraq, and they know that if we don't fail...then they're doomed. Oh, I know I'll catch some flak for this, but no one can put forth a reasonable counter-argument to my opinion. The US Commander in Baghdad is talking about plenty of light at the end of the tunnel, and Pelosi wants to pull the plug immediately. Is there another explanation for this?

Victory in Iraq means defeat of fascism and the rise of a Muslim democracy in a part of the world where it is desperately needed. But, more importantly to those in Washington, it means disaster for the Democrats. Don't feel sorry for Pelosi. She missed her chance. The new Congress took power and demanded a new direction in Iraq on behalf of their constituents. And Bush complied. He fired Rumsfeld and implemented a troop surge. The Dems could have accepted that as the new direction. They could have gone to their voters with the accomplishment of implementing change in Iraq as they were 'elected to do'. And, right now, they could be taking credit for the success that we're seeing over there. But, for some reason, they didn't do it. Call it poor foresight. Call it blind hatred for Bush. Call lack of faith in the military. Who knows? But, the fact is, the Dems blew it.

So as the headlines slowly turn more favorable, Pelosi knows she must end this war now. She must end this war before America wins it - which would be an absolute worst case scenario for her party.


The Loop Garoo Kid said...


B/f I begin, let me remind you that I support the surge. That said, I agree w/ your concept of victory in Iraq. That said, I am still taking the under on whether our military success will translate in poltical reconciliation and stable democracy in Iraq.

I won't repeat the details of the challenge, to put the best face on it, of imposing representaive government on a tribal society w/ no tradition of representative government.
I will merely point out two items. The first is that the Iraqi government has yet to pass oil revenue sharing legislation or achieve any other significant act of reconciliation.

The second is that I have for the past week viewed w/ concern developments in Pakistan, our ally, a democracy of sorts, and a nuclear power. Musharrif is not trying to suppress militant factions in Pakistan, he is attempting to suppress the moderates. Bravo to my breathren in the Pakistani bar.

Accordingly, I think your political analysis is all wet. The Democrats don't want or need the military to fail in Iraq to consolidate political gains in the next election. Congress' approval rate is still higher than the president's.

In case you hadn't noticed much if not most of the country is weary of the war in Iraq. There is no end in sight. However improved conditions are, most of us recall that the reasons for invading Iraq as proposed by the Bush administration were not true.

By the way, perhaps you have been noticing the turmoil in the financial markets this week, caused in part by some obscure Chinese official who remarked that China, w/ whom our trade deficit reached a new high, may shift some of its investments to buying Euros rather than dollars.

How do you think the Bush administration is paying for the war and everything else? It is doing so on credit but if China and S. Korea stop invseting in U.S. government securities we are going to be in deep hendrescke.

So I think you are wrong. Even w/ improvement in Iraq, if the current status quo is maintained, the GOP will lose theWhite House and lose more seats in both houses.

I, for one, do not wish things to become worse in Iraq or for our economy to falter. Both, however, are possible. If either occurs, the GOP will shoulder the blame.



Loop Garoo,

You support the surge? O.K. That's about like me supporting 'chewing gum'. Welcome aboard, anyway.

It's sadly obvious to most aware people that "the GOP (and "Dubya") will shoulder the blame" for our efforts in Iraq, regardless of whatever future developments occur.

The "Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy" will continue it's numbing pursuit of "Peace-Activist" Agendas ~ through Fifty (50) well-known Foundations. Fifty!

If you are interested (and I have some doubts about that), you might
take the time to research ~ The Funders ~ beginning alphabetically with...Agape Foundation.

Their self-defined purpose is "to fund non-violent social change organizations committed to...

"Peace & Justice" issues. Does that
sound a tiny-bit familiar, Loop?

For the full listing, try PSFG, that's "Peace & Security Funder's Group" member foundations. Fifty of them! Some, but not all, are receiving huge hand-outs from OSI, "Open Society Institute"
ala George Soros: Here's just a few...

WILPF, Women's International League, P&F, Peace & Freedom, UFPJ, United For Peace &
Justice, (headed by Leslie Cagan),
W.A.N.D., Women's Action For New
Direction, etc. Some big names, big bucks, big "foundations".
If you have any trouble finding ANY of these Hate-America Groups,
you know how to contact me. (It's one of my main pleasures in my dotage). No problem at all. reb

John Washburn said...

"Even w/ improvement in Iraq, if the current status quo is maintained, the GOP will lose theWhite House and lose more seats in both houses"

If things improve in Iraq, then the status quo would NOT be maintained. And I think you're wrong here. I think as more success stories occur, the approval of the American people will grow. No doubt the GOP is in trouble. But I don't think Iraq is the major problem for them. The GOP, in my opinion, lost 2006 because their base was pissed with them. They GOP Congress betrayed just about every traditional conservative principle in government and politics. They were one of the biggest spenders in US Congressional history, and they failed on immigration and social security. So, they lost a lot of support from their base. Yes, Iraq played a role, but I think the Dems magnified that role a bit.

As for Pakistan, I stand with you in saluting your bar brethren. Musharaff has been an ally in our fight against terror, but that does not excuse him from what he is doing. By the way, I think Bush deserves a little praise as well for taking a firm position with him. I also am very concerned about what's going on over there. However, I think Bush has enough political clout with Musharaff to talk him down. It's also interesting that as this is going on, Chavez has taken another step toward totalitarianism, yet there hasn't been much press coverage of it. I wonder why?

I also agree that China is a big problem. I have always been concerned about the economic clout they have over us, not just in gov't investment but also in the trade deficit. We're digging ourselves a big hole with them, no doubt. But, with that said, I still don't see a reason to withdraw our troops from Iraq now when we are seeing so much progress being made over there.

You may end up being right. Democracy may fail there, but it should at least be given a fighting chance. There is simply too much at stake not to.


Loop Garoo,

Combat Medical Teams Know...

Rule 1: Young Men Die Every Day
Rule 2: They try, with skill and determination, but cannot avoid it.
Here At Home - Rule 1: We have venal, short-sighted, posturing politicians that strut & clamour, and demean to the edge of treason, the opposing "in-party" to enhance their own selfish positions... to "win re-elections"!

They Pretend To Know War.


Rule 2: These Fools, knowing little
or nothing about the grim realities of combat, or why brave men ever volunteer for it, take obscene amounts of money from ambitious, wealthy & callous...

'Power-brokers' that set up "Peace"
Foundations, for their own sickly, pet 'political fantasies'.

Diabolically clever, they enlist Women's Groups, Church Groups, College Freshmen, Veteran's Anti-War Groups, Celebrity Groups, Gay & Lesbian Groups, Activist "Peace" Groups, etc, if there's a vulnerable bunch to exploit anywhere, these Maggots Will Find Them, Excite them, Use them!

Pelosi & Reid are arch-typical. They stand, for the moment, at the very top, of this pile of dung. reb

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


I fear for you. You have begun to drift into land of conspiracy theories from which few return w/ their sanity intact. Remember the value of your original message and that your message may be discounted if it is tainted by your giving the impression that George Soros is hiding in the closet and Leslie Kagan under the bed.

Dr. I recommend the article about the Venezuelan oil economy that appeared in last Sunday's NYT magazine section. I am sure you can find it on line.

So far as elections are concerned, I will not discount your observation that the GOP may have alienated portions of its base. I suspect that such voters may have stayed away from the polls b/c I certainly do not think their thought process was: "The GOP has betrayed my core conservative values therefor I will vote Democratic."

I will suggest the following: that the core constituents of both parties do not constitute majorities in any but a few states. Elections are determined by independent or swing voters. In 2006, those voters were confronted by the failures you cited, plus some high profile corruption cases, plus an unpopular war.

I think the question is whether those swing voters will give the GOP another bite at the apple. I think not if the status quo is maintained. I do not think independent voters will give equal blame to Democrats as they do to Republicans given the fact the Democrats will have only been in power for two years.

As for Iraq, I expect things to continue to improve. I do not believe that the fundamental challenges that confront Iraqi society to be resolved in the next 51 weeks. Let's face it. B/f the surge, the situation was horrendous. Now it is less so. It is far from what either of us would consider to be good.

More importantly, w/o tangible evidence of political reconciliation, the American voting public will be confronted w/ the reality that we are committed to a long term presence in Iraq w/ little discernible benefit to ourselves. The party shouldering the blame for that, the GOP, is bound to punished.

In addition, do you think that the GOP's alienated base will be energized sufficiently to make gains?



Loop Garoo Fears, For Me! Well, finally someone cares. Now, it's all been suddenly worth the effort, the long hours at this key-board. Now I have nothing to lose but my sanity. Oh, what a relief it is!
Now it is my turn to mistrust the judgement of an educated, fuzzy thinker that has a Law Office! He stubbornly declines to examine hard evidence, even when given a specific author's name & location. Once again, it's FRONTPAGEMAG.COM, and the
incontrovertible evidence of mass-distortion by the Pious-Poopers of "Peace" & "Justice". The author of some fine analysis has the by-line moniker of John Perazzo. He's got more good, solid info than you'll ever find in a month of the New York Times, (and no dirty smear-ads
of Gen David Petraeus either). Surely, you recall that one? A Full Page, nation-wide. Whew, stinko. General Be-Tray-Us! The folks will remember. "MOVEON.ORG"
in bold font.

a) George Soros hides in no closet.
Perazzo drags his butt out in the open! Thanks J.P.

b) On December 9, 2004 his top MoveOn Exec, Eli Pariser boldly eMailed that "We Bought It, We Own It"...(the Democratic Party, Loop).

c) If you are kind enough to drop a name w/o her Organization, thanks, I'll do it for you...

It's "United For Peace & Justice" (10 contact offices in your own low-population state of Colorado), and
her name is CAGAN, Leslie Cagan, councelor. She was with Fidel, in Cuba, for Seven Years, in the 1960's. She's since dropped her Communist Label, and now she prefers "Socialist-Progressive" Peace-Activist, just like Jane Fonda! Try U.F.P.J. on any Search Line. You See, it's not just a 'conspiracy theory' at all, is it? Reb wouldn't lie to you. I seek
no political office. Don't you see.

She (Butch Cagan) Is Only One of Fifty 'Peace' Foundations funded by...

"Peace & Security Funders Group" w/
27 Billion in combined assets! Now that IS a lot of money. That DOES have the potential to "buy" a lot of Hatred. It took them Four Years, and Cargo Shipping Containers of Green-backs, but "Dubya" is down to 30% approval rating, and he & Cheney ain't running for any office; or would you seize the opportunity to disagree? To nit-pick, to ridicule a foolish old snake-hunter, that's slowly slipping away from Reality?

Deliberate Gross IGNOR-ANCE is a terribly harmful waste of time & intellect, wouldn't you say? What would you do, if YOU had a friend suffering from self-imposed, unpleasant static delusions?

Patience & tolerance are the blessing I most enjoy as family traits, and blogging. Also, Lou Dobbs CNN, Brit Hume, John Gibson, Shep Smith...and O'Reilly on Fox.
Three Journalists, plus THE top-rated commentator. Did you hear the good news? Rosie O'Donnell is
nearly a cinch for MSNBC. That should set a fire under a dying network. She deserves a column in the NYT, If you like eye-candy,
Sour-ball type!

But I shall be cautious if I see any obvious "conspiracy theorists" hiding in a closet, or masquerading as a "Peace" Activist. Thanks Loop. reb

Illegittami Tatum, Non-Carborundum

Anonymous said...


Did you ever consider that the president's low approval ratings are the result of his policies plus those things over which he has little control but for which he is blamed or credited (In this instance, I speak of the economy. If things are going well, the president gets the credit; if not, he gets the blame, but the office has little direct control over markets)?

I could write a long laundry list of Mr. Bush's failures and shorter one of his accomplishments. The majority of Americans are able to and do the same. Yet, you believe that all of us who disagree w/ the president's policies have been manipulated by George Soros, Leslie Cagan,, inter alia.

By the way, do you think that James Dobson may have remarked once upon a time that we (Focus on the Family and the rest of religious right) own the Republican party? It did not turn out to be absolutely true, did it?

During the time I have been reading you, you have identified enough real monsters that I do not think you need to search for chimeras.