Sunday, November 25, 2007

I came upon this story at Muslims Against Sharia blog:

SULAIMANIYAH, Iraq — Judged solely by one of the big, bold words on its cover, the book that Fadel Mahmoud clutched in his hands would be considered blasphemous in many parts of the Muslim world.Most people in Kurdish northern Iraq believe that the Quran, the holy book of Islam, is the final word on religious life. Mahmoud and other teachers, however, are preaching a message of religious tolerance in hopes of preserving the region's relative stability.The book in his hands is an introduction to Judaism written by an Arab.Last month, the Kurdish Regional Government's Ministry of Religious Affairs began requiring its 19 campuses, from grade school to college, to broaden their curricula by including courses on comparative religion that better expose students to other religious thought, including Christianity and in some cases Judaism. CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY>


Anonymous said...

That's cool. Religious tolerance is Ok by me.


If there ever was a story that needed to be broadcast to the entire world, it's this one!

Islamic fanatics, absorbing the message of religious tolerance might then have the courage to speak against the Imams in the
Madrassa, ending the hatred & the
suicide bombings, 'honor' killings,
and disrespect for their women!
Such a radical thought.

Comparitive Religious Studies. What
a blessing for the world! reb

Anonymous said...

Religious fanatics, by definition, cannot absorb the message of religious tolerance. However regular Muslims might not be as easily indoctrinated by radical Imams if they get a chance to learn about other religions.


John, Your favorite web-log detractors have at times challenged and even ridiculed
the foresight and values of this Administration's overall policies since the NYC Twin Towers fell on 9/11, especially with regard to our presence in Iraq.

I think it quiet significant that in a brief report on Fox News Tv, 11/25/07, that was largely unnoticed...


Apparently the Maliki Officialdom,
such as it is, acknowledges the necessity, and the reality of President George Bush/Dick Cheney
unchanging depth of committment to our continued military presence in that part of the world, whether the majority, lacking Statesmen and led by Sen. Harry Reid, with his "Do-Little, Disrupt-A-Lot" Congressional Majority admit it publicly or not.

It seems that General David Petraeus was the right man, with the right plan, at the right time, with the correct strategy of aligning with the G.W. Bush Stubborn Resolve, and may signal a dynamic 'Change of Direction', and mute some of the political chatter,
silence the self-serving advocates of 'civil disobedience', and the monotony of mindless hatred.

How this plays out in the next six months in the midst of heated political campaigns in 2007/2008 might easily prove to be the turning point in the "hot-air" battles currently taking shape before a bewildered, confused public, and in the minds of some Arm-chair War-Gurus!

I intend to expose...
'The Vast Left Wing' with an
Early December Post. reb


The Loop Garoo Kid said...

Doctor et alia,

This just in. I heard a news report on the radio this morning (11.27.07) that a British teacher who teaches second grade at a private school in Khartoum has been arrested.

Her crime? It seems she was going teach animal behavior using a teddy bear as prop in part of teaching plan.

She allowed the children to vote on what to name the teddy bear. The class voted to name the bear Mohammed.

It was this act of disrespect to the Prophet (PBUH)that has landed her behind bars.

The school, which has both Christian and Muslim children, has been closed until January for fear of reprisals.


Anonymous said...

Did she get her promised 60 lashes,
or did an outraged world come to the teacher's defense in time?

Inquiring mind. pdq