Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mr. William Jefferson, ol' BJ himself, is back in the news, and I'm loving it. BJ makes blogging fun. I'm sure most of you have already seen this, but I'm posting it anyway. Today in Iowa Clinton made the announcement that he opposed the Iraq War "from the beginning". It seems the Clintons still live in the political world of 20 years ago when a politician could change their position and distort their record overnight without anyone catching it. But now, the truth and the record is only a few mouse clicks away, so it's not quite as hard to hide from your record.

I won't discuss the fact that BJ's own White House policy, as of 1998, was regime change in Iraq. I won't mention BJ's Oval Office speeches about Hussein's WMD program, or the fact that he also took military action against Hussein. I won't mention that BJ's wife voted to give Bush the authority to go to war. I won't mention the numerous speeches and quotes where BJ states that Hussein poses a threat to peace and possesses WMDs. But I will mention this one, just for fun, from a June 2004 TIME magazine interview:

"So, you're sitting there as president, you're reeling in the aftermath of (Sept. 11), so, yeah, you want to go get (Usama) bin Laden and do Afghanistan and all that. But you also have to say, 'Well, my first responsibility now is to try everything possible to make sure that this terrorist network and other terrorist networks cannot reach chemical and biological weapons or small amounts of fissile material. I've got to do that.' That's why I supported the Iraq thing."

I guess it depends on what your definition of 'thing' is, and whether or not BJ knows a woman named Afghanistan. I assume he was talking about the war. But one of his spokesmen is now saying that his supposed 'support' back then was out of respect to President Bush. BJ felt it would have been inappropriate for a former president to oppose a sitting president's military action and that BJ wasn't actually against the war all along. And, no, apparently the person saying this wasn't laughing at the time. Of course, such a notion of being respectful is correct, but does anyone there actually think BJ has that kind of integrity. Okay, now we're laughing.

But I must admit that I enjoy the poetic justice here. Hillary obviously stayed with BJ because she thought he would help her win the White House. Now, he seems to be more of a hindrance. If BJ is good at anything, it's making a fool out of Hillary. This should make anyone a believer in Karma. For me, I'm just enjoying the circus act that is the Clintons.

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Anonymous said...

BJ also believed Hillary when she
announced to the world that "It's
All a Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy"!

So, that's the truth. Makes sense.
Chubby Monica was a Republican, planted in the Oval Office to seduce a very timid & insecure Slick Willie. He had every right
to stand up. Executive Privilege,
don't you know! reb