Monday, November 26, 2007

From Fox News:

WASHINGTON — Islamic terrorists with the assistance of Mexican drug cartels might have been planning an attack on the U.S. Army base Fort Huachuca in Arizona, forcing the nation's largest intelligence training center to change security measures back in May. FULL STORY

I'm going to have to suspend modesty for a moment, so bear with me. In August 2006, my book WHEN EVIL PROSPERS was published. This book is about a terrorist attack eclipsing that of 9/11 carried out by Islamic radicals with the help of the Mexican drug cartels and new leadership in Cuba. It was supported by a blood thirsty Iranian regime who has become more involved in the affairs of the western hemisphere, using their oil power as leverage. America's response is one of deferment to the UN because our newly elected President does not want to repeat the "mistakes" of a prior administration and wants to repair America's image amongst the international community. This leads to utter chaos and the complete collapse of America as we know it.

Numerous readers have commented to me that the book is frightening in the sense that "this could really happen", which is exactly the point. My position on immigration has always been one of national security. Our southern border is dotted with drug smugglers and coyotes who have become experts at evading capture and sneaking into the country, which is exactly what our enemies need. It's not too far-fetched to think there is potential for an alliance there.

I am also concerned about Cuba as Castro will soon be relinquishing power one way or another. What would happen if his death created a power vacuum in that country?

Iran is becoming the most dangerous nation on earth. And several of the leading presidential contenders are already speaking of defeatism, internationalism and appeasement as their way of "fighting" the war on terror.

I wrote my book with the sense that we could experience the things that happen within those pages, and the true hope that we never will. But as I read the headlines day-to-day, I can't help but wonder if we're ignoring too much. As Congress argues about Rush Limbaugh and what to name the post office in some obscure Indiana town, eight thousand people cross our southern border unaccounted for every day. All it took was 19 on 9/11.

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