Tuesday, May 10, 2011

This is not a federal disaster...because it's Texas.

The Texas Forest Service has helped respond to nearly 10,000 separate wildfires since November 2010. During that time, 2.3 million acres of Texas land has been burned by fire, that's more land than nearly two Rhode Islands. Hundreds of homes have been lost, and the fires have crept dangerously close to Dallas-Fort Worth suburbs. Governor Perry asked for parts of Texas to be declared federal disaster areas. President Obama has denied that request.

I'm sure the President's denial has nothing to do with the fact that Texas is one of the most conservative states in America.  I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that Texas has not voted for a democrat President since the 70s.  No.

For comparison, let's look at some things that President Obama DOES consider a federal disaster.

April 2011, the harbor at Crescent City, California was destroyed by tsunami waves after the Japanese earthquake. President Obama declared this a federal disaster...a harbor.

April 2011, a similar declaration was made regarding Brookings Harbor in Oregon.

March 2011, 60 counties in Illinois were declared federal disaster areas after a blizzard.

March 2011, 7 counties in Connecticut declared federal disaster areas after a blizzard.

March 2010, Obama declared parts of California federal disasters after wildfires in 2009. Those fires destroyed 300,000 acres, one-eigth of what has been destroyed in Texas, and yet the President does not feel the Texas fires meet the criteria for disaster money.  I'm sure the President isn't playing politics with peoples lives and homes.  I'm sure there is a logical reason why he considers a wildfire in California to be a federal disaster, but does not feel the same about a wildfire 8 times bigger in Texas.

Today, the President is in Texas to discuss immigration. Of course.  Election time is right around the corner and it's never too soon to pander to racial minorities.  I wonder if someone will question him about his lack of empathy for those who have suffered greatly from these terrible fires.
And if he needs to declare another federal disaster anytime soon, I would suggest he start with his own presidency.


WomanHonorThyself said...

o gosh u are soooo right! its too wh--te too!


These fires are just part of the story as to why Texas folks are tough. Those hurricains and tornadoes coming off the gulf and east coast of Mexico forces Texas families to grow up fast.

Now, they really need some border assistance from the murderous drug lords, if the government would just put a regiment of national guard, and some hawk drones to back up our state border patrols.

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Anonymous said...

There are very specific rules governing whether or not an area can be declared a disaster area (check out the FEMA website). I actually agree with Obama. While the wildfires did displace a lot of people and do a lot of damage they did not meet the qualifications. The reason California's fires and Texas' are in different catagories is simply based on county size and population density.