Thursday, May 26, 2011

Texas rebels against govt mandated sexual assault...the justice dept reacts with an abuse of power

The State of Texas remains under assault from an out-of-control federal government. The latest attack on state's rights comes from the TSA.

The Texas Legislature has recently been looking into the TSA full-body patdowns and in response they have put together a bill that would make it a crime to fondle the genitals of any citizen as a requisite for travel. The bill passed the House without a single dissenting vote. No one - Democrat or Republican - voted against this measure. So it was sent to the Senate where they also seemed ready to pass the Bill.

That's when the long arm of the Federal gov't reached in. A Justice Dept attorney sent the Texas Senate a letter that essentially threatened legal action, AND threatened to cancel all flights to and from Texas if this bill passed. In other words, the Justice Dept abused its power by using it to coerce a State Legislature into doing its bidding.  Keep in mind, the TSA groping is not a federal law.  This is all part of the executive branch where they have enacted homeland security standards that calls for sexually assaulting random airline passengers before they can fly.  If Congress had passed a law allowing govt officials to sexually assault random passengers prior to travel then Texas may not have the Constitutional authority to act (however, a court challenge would certainly be in order).  But I digress.

At any rate, the TSA is violating random citizens without probable cause, the Texas legislature took a stand and the Justice Dept threatened them with severe penalties if they proceeded.

The Texas Senate folded like a cheap suit. They failed to pass the bill. Now, government agents continue to have the authority to sexually assault you and your children on a whim, and the citizens of this country are powerless to stop it. This is all because of a federal agency - the TSA - that has no clue how to actually protect US citizens. It is because a State's elected representatives don't know the meaning of the word 'courage'. It is because we have a Justice Dept that is infected with unprecedented levels of corruption.

There are many things this presidential administration has screwed up. But I think once it is finally over, few of those mistakes will measure up against the foul management of the Justice Dept. Eric Holder is a disgrace.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm getting tired of this President's mafia-like way of doing business. Issuing threats, knee-capping your enemies, granting healthcare waivers to your friends, this is not "hope and change" for D.C. This is Chicago thuggery come to Washington. He'll cancel an overseas trip to save his healthcare bill, but when a Missouri town gets wiped off the map he won't be inconvenienced by it...there's beer to drink in Ireland. Barack Obama is an embarrassment to our Republic.

And now the great state of Texas cowers before the federal gov't because a justice department pimp sends a threatening letter. How sad.

Rest assured, my fellow Texans won't forget this. There are Senators in Austin who pill pay a hefty political price for not standing against Holder and his goons. We're in a situation where citizens' rights are being threatened and the Texas Senate has decided to stand on the wrong side.


WomanHonorThyself said...

I wish this would have galvanized the whole nation but sigh..most pple are fast asleep at the wheel my friend...


Fast asleep, unaware, and apathetic! - reb
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July 3rd

I'm not an attorney, but this AG and the White House seem to be in violation of the 10th Amendment lately, in both Arizona and Texas, in assuming powers beyond their purvue, or limits of authority.

Governor Rick Perry might ask for a judicial review on appeal to a higher court. - reb
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