Wednesday, May 04, 2011

No photos of dead Usama

The White House says they will not release any photos of the dead Bin Laden.  The concern is that such a publication would offend the Muslim world.  It would be inflammatory. 

"There is no need to spike the football," says President Obama.  Hillary Clinton agrees, as do many in the Obama administration.

Then I pulled some old headlines off of Drudge reminding us all of what the President is okay with showing us.

Here's a headline about the Obama administration allowing the release of hundreds of photos of US troops engaged in torture and prisoner abuse

And here's another where a policy is changed allowing photographs of military caskets and body bags as they are unloaded from overseas flights

Oh, I see.
Oh, I get it.

It's okay for us to see photos of US troops engaged in prisoner abuse.  Of course those photos will inflame the Muslim world and put other US troops in danger...but more importantly they will embarrass Obama's political enemies and his presidential predecessor.  Yes, by all means, LET'S RELEASE THOSE PHOTOS!

And we must have photos of dead US troops in their coffins.  Because that's SOOOO important.  Otherwise, we may not actually know how terrible war is if we don't see photos of dead US soldiers in coffins.  By all means, snap away.

But dead Usama?  Absolutely not.  A photo of one of America's most hated enemies.  That's where the President draws the line.  It would be way too offensive.

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