Thursday, April 28, 2011

Phony austerity protests

The latest trend among the mainstream media is to show video of town hall meetings across America. The videos typical show Congressmen being yelled at, booed, harassed, etc by their constituents who seemingly appear angry about the GOPs recent budget proposal. Specifically, they are angry over the proposed cuts in Medicare.

It's all phony.

When the Tea Party first exploded onto the scene the Left brushed it off as astroturf. They said it was false, fabricated by the right. The reason why they said such things is because fabricating false grassroots movements is the Left's M.O. It's what they do. They have access to the organized so anytime they need a flash mob of protestors they puch a button and the mob appears. So, naturally, when they see such a protest from the right they assume it's a similar situation.

They were wrong about the Tea Party as we all know. But they still have the ability to fabricate a grassroots movement. They still have the ability to agitate. We saw it in Wisconsin. We've heard about efforts by SEIU executives organizing an attack on Wall Street. And we see it at these town hall meetings. The organized are doing what they do best. Nothing can display this better than their universal chant at these events: "rich pay more".

It's a fake. But rest assured the Left will champion it as a genuine grassroots effort to oppose the GOPs budget.

That's why I find this recent Gallup poll interesting. It shows that the majority of seniors favor Paul Ryan's budget over President Obama's (even though President Obama has yet to issue a detailed plan on dealing with the deficit and debt). Despite the cuts in Medicare and other entitlements, most seniors understand that austerity measures as necessary. So the agitators will agitate but, unlike the Tea Party protests, their sentiments aren't shared by most Americans. The agitators are just thugs and looters providing the muscle behind the Marxist movement in America. They don't believe in what we true Americans believe.

The other thing interesting about this poll is that younger voters overwhelmingly favor President Obama's plan - again, even though he has no actual plan. Funny. The group that stands to lose the most if Obama has his way is the very group that supports him the most. Odd.

Is this ignorance? Stupidity? A manifestation of indoctrination? Is it because younger voters don't pay taxes? Is it naivety? Is it because Obama is "cool" and "hip"? I don't konw. Probably a combination of all. But I do know that the next generation had better pay attention. The seniors in America have seen a lot. They are wiser and more experienced and they get it. The youth don't. Their future is being wasted. It's being destroyed. And they don't even realize it.

Well, they better wise up real fast. If America is going to dig out of this hole we will need to next generation to do some heavy lifting. We'll need them to take some responsibility, take some initiative, be more proactive. We'll need them to own their future and not outsource it to the State.

...then again, that's asking a lot of them. Perhaps that's why they support the President so much.

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