Saturday, April 09, 2011 close to actually showing some courage.

Just when I thought John Boehner and the GOP leadership has grown a backbone.  Just when I thought that the mockery of conservativism displayed by Republicans of the Bush era was over.  Just when I thought the GOP in Washington was beginning to understand.  Just when I think there may be hope, a deal is struck. 

Boehner folded like a lawn chair.  How pathetic.  This is NOT the guy who can fix our debt problems.  This is not the guy we need as speaker.

Today, I'm writing my Congressman and asking for an effort to remove Boehner as Speaker.  The last thing conservatives need representing us is a gutless politician interested in "making deals". 

He promised $100 billion in cuts.  He gives us $38 billion, proving that he is willing to be railroaded for 62% of what he requests. 

Did NPR get defunded?
Did Obamacare get defunded?
Did planned parenthood get defunded?

$38 billion in cuts.  We overspend $4 billion a day.  $4 billion in deficit spending daily.  So our brilliant House speaker succeeded in solving our deficit problem for 10 days.


Get rid of him.  We need a new speaker, someone with courage. 

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely right on!