Thursday, October 30, 2008

What more can we expect?

Last night Senator Obama, endowed with unprecedented campaign dollars, gave his 30 minute infomercial selling himself to America. It was a political advertisement basically telling us all how horrible things are in this country, how miserables our lives are, and how he will save us. There was no rebuttal offered, basically allowing Obama to say anything he wanted factual or not. I call that propaganda and I pay little attention to propaganda, especially what's been put out from the Obama camp lately. But I did pick up on a few things in the news that voters should be aware of and likely won't be reported in mainstream outlets.

THe LA Times has come across a video of Obama at a celebratory dinner honoring Rashid Khalidi. For those who don't know, Khalidi is a middle east historian currently teaching at Indoctrination University (also known as Columbia). He is a palestinian supporter and has said and done some questionable things, including: claim the Palestinians have a legal right to resist Israeli "occupation"; saying the US owes reparations to the Iraqi people; accusing Israel of ethnic cleansing; calling suicide bombings a response to Israeli "aggression" and referred to the West as the "Jew hating West". Yes, a Palestinian sympathizer is on record accusing someone else of anti-semitism.

He also dedicated his book "Under Siege" to: "...those who gave their lives in defense of the cause of Palestine and independence of Lebanon." Khalidi has endorsed Obama because he is "the only candidate who has expressed sympathy for the Palestinian cause."

Apparently, the LA Times tape has Obama toasting Khalidi. We don't know all the good things Obama says about him because the Times has buried the convenient for us voters. Of course, Obama downplays his relationship with Khalidi, something he has become quite good at recently. According to him, the two are just casual acquaintances and nothing more. Well, the facts don't seem to agree with that description. In 2000, Khalidi held a fundraiser to benefit Obama's House campaign. An anti-Israel group led by Khalidi's wife has received $75,000 in donations from the Woods Group, a Chicago nonprofit for which Obama was a board member. And then there's the new tape showing Obama toasting his casual acquaintance. Regardless what he says, this guy has some very shady people raising money for him, and yet he warns us not to give in to "guilt by association". The question is: how many radicals must you associate with before guilt by association becomes appropriate?

And speaking of fund raisers, recent news reveals that Obama has been accepting a lot of untraceable donations from internet sources and prepaid credit cards. These donations can't be tracked, therefore Obama can't verify that he is not violating campaign finance laws. Yet, he accepts the money and is happy to spend it, only returning it when he gets caught breaking the law. In September alone, these donations accounted for over 60% of the money raised by Obama's campaign. That is fraudulent.

And just two days ago, a senior ACORN official testified under oath that the Obama campaign provided ACORN with a list of its top donors. Why is this important? Because the law only allows a person to give so much to a political campaign, it does not limit how much can be given to a nonprofit like ACORN. So the easy way around the law is to provide a list of your top donors to a friendly nonprofit and you can get more money. This may not be illegal but it is certainly unethical. What more can we expect from this man?



Dr John asks, what more can we expect of this Obama? Well, if the polls are correct, a great deal more, immediately after Jan 20th, from Pelosi/Reid. Then...

Sen John Kerry, Attorney General of The U.S., and another ninny to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to stifle all "negative conservative views from the vast right-wing radio & Tv" and then a tax & spend agenda that will totally destroy the free enterprise's U.S.S.A.

We are poor little lambs who have lost our way, baa, baa, baaaaa.

Get set for some ugly 'CHANGE'.



Anonymous said...

I saw the commercial. I thought it was just a normal campaign commercial at first. Five minutes later I was wondering why he was still talking.

Bit silly really. I guess it makes sense though, given how close election day is.

allison said...

If John McCain had the funds that Barack Obama has, he probably would have done something similar.

The fact of the matter is that there are plenty of people in this country who support Palestine. It isn't the U.S.'s official stance, but Palestinians, believe it or not, are people too, and they are going to have views opposite of what Israelis will think. You may not agree with him, but why is it wrong for Obama to associate with someone who supports Palestine? If he weren't running for president, it would be a non-issue. The problem here is that someone people just cannot possibly process two viewpoints at once and make a logical decision. Obama shouldn't have to defend a friendship or association with a university professor who has done nothing wrong but say things you disagree with.

John Washburn said...

Allison, when someone says Israel is guilty of ethnic cleansing it implies that they have radical viewpoints and aren't just a casual supporter of Palestine. Lots of people support Palestine, but only a few do so with such radical opinions.

Khalidi is just the latest in a long line of very suspect Obama associations. When you know one or two nuts, it's just an unfortunate coincidence. But when you are connected with as many as Obama is, then it's a pattern. Don't believe me? Try out your internet skills to see if you can find out who funded Obama's Harvard education. If you give up, I'll give you a hint.

Dan, I have not read the whole book, but I did read enough of it to see that Obama is following Alinsky's strategy. Paint yourself as a commoner, hide your elitism, demonize the wealthy and exploit the middle and lower class. That's how a radical socialist gains power in a country like the US. Obama is NOT a moderate, he is Left of everyone in Washington, including Ted Kennedy and John Kerry.


Allison conveniently misses the most important point.

The Israeli Government is a tiny minority of 6 million people; the only democracy in the Middle-East, surrounded by 600 million obedient, kill-culture radicals with suicidal tendencies that have a 'death-wish' built into their loyalties. They strap bomb-packs on their women and little children!

That's the difference the far-left ignores. They also shrug off Ahmadinejad's clear, unequivocal threat to Israel. The cut-throats
speak, the left-of-center ignores.

The bombs go off around the world since 1980, the Left shrugs it off.
It's Sad.

See, "Give A Muslim An Inch"...if you have an Open Mind, visit us, then voice your opinion. We are Open to Left & Right-wingers. reb