Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The latest low point...

It seems to me that the Left has committed to doing whatever it takes to gain total control of Washington and the latest media tactics are further evidence of that. Obama’s failure to condemn these attacks haven’t gone unnoticed. Perhaps his ambition has gotten the better of him. The latest craze in the mainstream media is to actually accuse McCain of inciting hatred and, yes, racism. This is a different version of the same game the Left has been playing for over a year, one that suggests that Obama will become a victim because of his race. The race card has been dealt many times, usually from Obama himself, but what’s happening now is beyond grotesque. Accusing John McCain of racism is dirty politics personified and is unfair on many levels. I think it’s a preview of what an Obama presidency will be…perhaps the most divisive administration in our nation’s history. At least Lincoln’s primary goal was to preserve the union. The Obama campaign seems more willing to rip it in half if the end result is an electoral victory. My disappointment in the man grows day by day.

I provide this link to a Boston Globe article as the latest low point in politics. It criticizes John McCain for things that people say at campaign rallies. These are people in the crowd not event speakers or sponsors. So John McCain is now responsible for things that people who attend his events say out loud. Preposterous.

Keep in mind that mentioning Reverend Jeremiah Wright is considered off-limits, in fact some claim that it would be a subtle form of racism. Can’t mention him. And Bill Ayers is also an illegitimate issue. Father Phleger can’t be discussed. Neither can Tony Rezko. And when Louis Farrakhan claims that Obama is “the messiah” John McCain can’t say anything about it or he’s just playing dirty politics. Remind people that Obama once represented ACORN and recently donated $800,000 to their fraudulent get-out-the-vote efforts and again you’re guilty of racism (and to this day Obama has yet to condemn ACORN for their voter fraud). These legitimate associations of Obama are all off-limits in any discussion of character or judgment but when a random citizen allegedly blurts out something offensive then suddenly John McCain is guilty of divisive politics. The Left has stashed the race card up their sleeves and they continue to deal it from the bottom of the deck. And to think, I at one time felt that America had progressed enough from its darker days of racism that a black man or woman could run for office without race becoming an issue. Obviously, I was wrong. Race has become a huge issue and Obama and the Left are the ones who won’t let it fade away like it should. That’s why I say that he will usher in the most divisive presidential administration in history and it saddens me to see it.

But I won’t stop at race. Obama has run a shameful campaign in many ways. Granted, misrepresentation is common in politics but Obama has turned it into an art form. First, his claim that McCain is a Bush third term, which is the foundation of his campaign. If you had said such a thing one year ago you would have been laughed at. McCain is hardly Bush Light. On many occasions, he has been the lone voice of Republican dissent in Congress. He has opposed Bush on many major issues, yet Obama uses procedural votes as a way of saying that McCain voted with Bush often. When I think of centrists in Congress two names come to mind: McCain and Leiberman, and if America needs anything it would be a centrist in the Oval Office and another centrist heading the State Dept (Leiberman’s likely cabinet post). Yet, Obama has run his entire campaign on the notion that McCain is some far-right Bush supporter while portraying himself, a 94% Liberal voter, as a moderate. Can anyone find a single issue where Obama parted with his party to vote with Republicans?

Obama ran ads portraying McCain as out-of-touch because he doesn’t use a computer very often, ignoring the fact that his war injuries make computers painful and laborious for McCain. He tells people that lobbyists work for McCain, as if the man who brought down Abramoff will be in the pocket of lobbyists. He tells people that McCain’s health plan will tax corporate benefits, this is not true. He ignores McCain’s history of calling for reform of Fannie Mae, ignores his own guilt in the matter (and that of ACORN and his democrat friends) and tells people that deregulation caused the problem…just another argument for bigger government. He tells people that McCain is for big business and against the middle class, when McCain voted against the largest tax raise on the middle class in US history that was signed by Clinton and supported by Joe Biden. He tells people that McCain will give billions of dollars to oil companies. Also not true. He ran a Spanish ad painting McCain – the man who proposed amnesty for illegal immigrants – as anti-Latino and xenophobic and a friend of Rush Limbaugh. For those who don’t know or may have bought into Obama’s propaganda, I’ll say that Limbaugh doesn’t like McCain. No hard core conservative does. The two are hardly pals. In fact, Obama has a closer relationship with Bill Ayers than McCain and Limbaugh, but I can’t say that or else I’ll be accused of racism.

When McCain runs an ad pointing out Obama’s vote for child sex education, it is called deceitful. Well, I read the language of that bill and McCain was spot on. It called for comprehensive sex education, including HIV/AIDS for children K-12. McCain was right, but never mind that. Obama has the press on his side. When’s the last time Obama voted for a tax cut? Never mind, now he is all about tax cuts, and don’t get me started on his “95% of Americans get a tax cut” nonsense. His tax plan is welfare reincarnate, but you’ll never hear him admit to that and it will never make the front pages. Now, I’ll concede that McCain went below the belt with the “lipstick on a pig” fiasco, but overall when you measure the two campaigns you’ll see Obama has waged the dirtiest and he seems determined to drag McCain through the mud as much as possible if it leads to victory. Why? Because he can. Don’t count on the mainstream media to call him out for his transgressions.

And the biggest lie of them all will come if Obama actually loses the election. Obama and the Left are already setting up a defeat as evidence of racism in America, suggesting that voters will reject the better candidate simply because he’s half-black. James Carville even predicted riots as a consequence. This is beyond shameful and is evidence that the Left won’t allow racism to become extinct as long as they can exploit it for political gain. McCain was recently compared to George Wallace of all people.

An Obama victory will be bought on deceit. He has deceived people into believing that Bush is to blame for the economic crisis and McCain helped him. He has deceived people into believing that he is a moderate and McCain the radical. And, worst of all, he has deceived people into believing that anything negative about him is race-based and thus untrue. If elected, Obama will become the most pro-abortion, anti-gun, pro-socialist, pro-authoritarian and, yes, most divisive president in our history. And with Pelosi and Reid they will form the most radical Left US government we’ve ever known. His economic policies would be absolutely disastrous for an already struggling economy and he will implement income redistribution like we’ve never endured in our history, rubber-stamped by his friends on the Hill. We need checks and balances for our government to be fair and effective, but this will go out the window if Obama wins. He will be Jimmy Carter times ten. The only comfort I will take on inauguration day will be the knowledge that it took the Carter years for America to vote for Reagan. Perhaps history will repeat itself. But that doesn’t make me any less fearful of the next four years…should Obama succeed in deceiving his way to the White House.


Anonymous said...


Well said!

Sit back and watch, If McCain is elected the next President look for a pro-longed court battle seeking to overturn the vote. I feel, and this is just my opinion, that the fight will be much uglier than 2000. Obama won one of the first elections he was involved in by successfully challenging the vote in the court system because of irregularities. Don't think he won't try it again.


allison said...

Again it astonishes me how greatly FOX News can distort things such as this. The McCain campaign's tactics have changed from policy attacks to character attacks, basically hoping that enough people will be SCARED of Obama as a person and not vote for him. This clearly backfires when people at his rallies start badmouthing Obama in ways that are totally inappropriate, and McCain then has to DEFEND his opponent. It is no ones fault but McCains that people think such skewed things. Obama has been taking the high road, in my opinion, by not responding much to these attacks, as it's clear that more of McCain's time will now be spent defending and cleaning up after his own mistakes. A lot of things have happened in the last few weeks that have greatly changed the dynamics of this race, and one of them includes people being turned off by how low the McCain campaign is stooping. I have heard both democrat and republican strategists alike confirm this to be true.

John Washburn said...

Allison, you believe that McCain is responsible for how people at his rallies think?

So if people think that McCain is anti-Latino, or is a racist, or is just like George Bush, or is erratic and confused, or is too old, or will tax employment benefits, or will give government handouts to oil companies...whose fault is that? Just curious how you view these things.

Dan Trabue said...

It seems to me that the Left has committed to doing whatever it takes to gain total control of Washington and the latest media tactics are further evidence of that. Obama’s failure to condemn these attacks haven’t gone unnoticed.

You know that for some good number of us, we could say the same thing, but opposite? It seems to us that the Right is committed to doing whatever it takes to win? That McCain's failure to condemn attacks hasn't gone unnoticed?