Sunday, January 06, 2008

Star pitcher Roger Clemens and his ex-trainer Brian McNamee were asked Friday to testify before a congressional panel on Jan. 16, according to media reports. Also called were fellow Yankees pitcher Andy Pettitte and former Yankee position player Chuck Knoblauch, as well as Kirk Radomski, the former New York mets clubhouse attendant who alledgedly dstributed performace-enhancing drugs to players, reports said.

I am a baseball fan and in certain circumstances Roger Clemens's (or anyone else's) steroid use may be an issue. However, I haven't figured out why Congress is getting involved in this matter. Isn't this an issue for Major League Baseball to handle?

The nitwits in Congress obviously have too much time between meeting with lobbyists and attending $500-a-plate fund raisers, so they have to fill their schedule with inconsequential matters like Roger Clemens and his potential steroid use. If only we lived in a country where this was the most pressing of issues. Last time I checked, Social Security remains an impending disaster, illegal immigration threatens to bankrupt hospitals across the southwest, and we are still not energy independent. But those things can wait. We need to get to the bottom of this Roger Clemens steroid issue.

I wonder how much longer the American people will tolerate this madness from their elected leaders. They pass laws fluffed with earmarks and unnecessary spending, all while running for president as the "candidate for change". Change? Unless they start addressing the important stuff, and ignoring the unimportant stuff, then there is no change happening.

I'm sure the pundits on ESPN feel the Clemens issue is important. I'm sure there are die-hard baseball fans across the nation who agree. But I say let MLB figure it out. We don't pay our Congressman to interview baseball players. We pay them to solve problems. Perhaps one day they'll start doing their job.


Gary said...

I agree with you on this. Perhaps they could find some time to pass the defense bill while they're trying to manage our national past time.


Dr. John,

Baseball's a nice game, but the Main Event was in New Hampshire!
Key Words: 'New Direction' & 'Change'

Sat, Jan 5th

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Sun, Jan 6th

Big Night For The G.O.P.

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Anonymous said...

For far too long, baseball's method to deal with steroids was to turn a blind eye to it while raking in big revenues and profits i.e. the McGwire/Sosa home run barrage of '98 (which occurred only four years after the '94 strike when baseball was in desperate need of some good press).

I'm not suggesting that it's Congress' place to be correct the problem, but baseball has proven it is unable to police itself.

John Washburn said...

Dean, you're right about MLB, and you're right that it's not Congress's job to get involved. The answer lies with the fans. Eventually they'll get enough or they won't. I've loved baseball all my life, and I never thought I'd see the day when 40 home runs would be an "average" year for a power hitter. Unbelievable.

Some would say this adds excitement to the game...bull. It's not exciting to watch 10 home runs in one game. That's why the home run derby gets boring after the first five minutes.

Steroids ruined the game in my opinion. I'll take a 2-1 pitcher's dual over an 11-10 slugfest anyday. Records no longer mean anything. So I'm done with MLB. I haven't been to a game in years and have no plans to go back.

That's how this issue gets solved. If the fans want a cheap game, then they can have it.


Baseball's Diehard Fans...

They never mention the narrowing
necks on the Bats, giving more whip, and more bats are broken as the seasons pass.

A Baseball Bat Flies At the Pitcher
or Into the Stands! Sooner or Later
someone will die. All for the sake
of Broken Records, and Filling Seats. More beer & hotdogs! Now, steroid abuse. No one gives a damn. reb