Monday, January 07, 2008

New Hampshire eve....

Tomorrow the first primary votes are cast, and here are my predictions:

- Obama wins by double digits. I've posted before about how important Iowa is to Democrats and the tendency for a "follow the leader" mentality in that party, ie John Kerry. Obama's win in Iowa may not have assured his nomination, but it certainly made him the hands-down favorite. With a win in Iowa, he raises the hammer to drive the final nail into the coffin of the Clinton campaign.

- Hillary gets nasty. Don't count her out. Dick Morris, who knows the Clintons as well as anyone, predicts that she will play the race card. Her last-gasp desperation tactic will be that a black man can't get elected in America. Of course, she will be subtle about it but that will be the message nonetheless. I think Morris is spot on. I've wondered how Clinton could get muddy with Obama without a backfire and this may be it. We'll see.

- McCain wins. This will be the beginning of John McCain's presidential nomination. 3 months ago I didn't think he had a chance, but it's funny how Rudy's numbers seemed to tumble in correlation with Hillary's. It's almost like GOP voters wanted a Rudy-Hillary match or none at all for the former mayor. So I think McCain edges out Romney which (considering the investment Romney made in New Hampshire) basically knocks Romney pretty much out of it. Granted, he won't exit until he loses in Michigan, but this is the beginning of the end for Mitt. McCain will go on for the nomination and, in my opinion, wins the general election in a landslide. Can you imagine? A first term junior Senator with a very flaky voting record running against arguably the most respected man in the Senate on both sides of the aisle? And one of the few politicians respected by voters nationwide? No contest. McCain's biggest obstacle is the nomination. If he gets it (and I think he will), he has the general election in the bag.

- Huckabee fades. Finally. I watched the debate and this guy seems absolutely clueless. He dodges more questions than Bill Clinton, which brews a nauseating sense deep in my gut. He may win South Carolina, but that will be it.

- Richardson dumps Hillary and takes Obama as his new best friend. I've been impressed at how Richardson has been campaigning, not to win the election but to be Hillary's choice for a running mate. Oops. Now he has to nudge his way in with Hagel, Clark and Lieberman. Good luck with that, Billy.

- Ron Paul refuses to go away. Does anyone else want to swat this lunatic? Paul isn't even a Republican, so why is he running in the GOP race? Libertarianism in its purest form is just as dangerous as socialism and, for the LAST TIME, isolationism DOES NOT WORK. How many wars will the US have to fight before the libertarians admit to that morsel of logic? Anyone voting for this numbskull should perform an immediate self-assessment on their level of sanity. It's time he climbed back onto his starship with Kucinich and returned to Mars.

WEP will soon be issuing my official endorsement for President. I haven't done this before but I have a good reason. As a Florida voter, registered as an Independent, I am not allowed to vote in the primary election. That's unfortunate because I would like a little say in who the candidates will be instead of accepting what the two parties give me. It's a shame that I have to declare myself a Democrat or a Republican in order to have that say, and I refuse to do it. So I'll voice my opinion on this site and issue the first official When Evil Prospers endorsement. Stay tuned my brave and faithful readers, and God bless you all for tolerating my gab!


Dan Trabue said...

I think you are correct that Obama has momentum and I expect by the end of the day today, Hillary will that much further removed. I further agree that she won't go quietly out, but will kick and claw for a few months still.

I don't think it will work. I think all her attacks on him thus far have only backfired. I'm feeling fairly confident that Obama will be the Dem nominee AND the next president of these United States. He's got that Reagan/Kennedy sort of charisma and presidential "feel" about him, or at least I think that's how he's being perceived.

Plus, he's really appealing to folk across the board. He's getting the young adults excited about voting, Independents and even some Republicans seem to be amenable to the idea of President Obama. Barring some upset, my suspicion is that we are looking at a President Obama come the fall.

I think you're likely wrong about McCain. I don't think the Republicans will allow him to get the nomination. I expect he'll be swift boated if he starts winning primaries.

I'd have a hard time guessing who the Republican nominee will be at this point. I don't think they have anyone that the majority of Republicans can rally around. I suspect they may reluctantly nominate Romney, but he sure doesn't look like it right now.

I think the Republicans are going to have to pray for some sort of miracle to find an electable candidate out of this bunch.

Just my opinion as of right now.

The Loop Garoo Kid said...

I largelty agree w/ both of you. Unless the GOP nominates McCain, I think their propsects for retaining the WH are about nil.

Dan may crrect about McCain getting swiftboated. Let us remember what occurred in South Carolina in 2000.

Even if nominated, McCain faces challenges. His support of the war in Iraq--by this I mean the invasion and not the surge has the potential to bite him. In addition, his service in the senate provided a long voting record that is easily distorted as is any long record.


BB-Idaho said...

This is one of the more interesting presidential races in quite awhile. Look for more gains, losses and surprises.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul will not go away, that's correct. And if he does, I'll write his name in. As for his conservative credentials, maybe this will give you something to think about. The others don't have that kind of credibility. They're just neocon mouthpieces if you ask me.


Well, so much for diversity. Is this still a great country, or what?

Counting Out Hillary is a huge mistake. Iowa & New Hampshire is just Round One. But Jan 19 should be fun! Romney will spend some big
bucks in Michigan.

Rudy Giuliani is betting the Farm and his Limo on Florida, Jan 29th. Obama had good run with "Change", and now he'll need a New Slogan, like "We Gotta Move Forward"!

Geek Edwards stabbed Hillary in the back, calling her the 'Forces of the Status Que' That's It for him. He's A Dead Duck! Whatta Sap...(but it made me happy).

King-maker Soros is sitting back,
patiently waiting for his Cream to
come to the top. Which of his little 'progressive' puppets will get his approving nod? That's the
Real Democratic Question. A couple
more hundred mil should do the trick, $$$$$. Whatever it takes!

We Ready for "Open Society~2009?"
Ain'tcha Skeered Yet? reb


Watch The Endorsements!

Kennedy, Kerry, MoveOn...then you'll know when "the fix" is
in place. The Carnival "Pitch-man"
calls it a "Gaff", or butcher's hook. You've been speared, sucker!

The "mallable" nominee wants to
"WIN"! That's how it's done. The "Old Guard" stays in power for forty years. The voting public is the Vehicle. Toughen Up, chump! reb