Monday, January 14, 2008

I have to hand it to Dick Morris. Once again, he proved that he knows the Clintons all too well. Last week, Morris predicted that Hillary would insert race into the campaign. The reason: To get people talking about Obama's race and not the issues. We all know what husband BJ said. We all know what Hillary said about Dr King, LBJ and the civil rights movement. And now, what is everyone talking about?

Personally, I think both comments were harmless. This may be the first time you ever hear me defend the Clintons. Bill's "fairy tale" remark was referring to Obama's position on the war. Hillary was making the point that effective change requires effective political leadership. I don't think Hillary was taking a shot at Dr King or trying to diminish his role in history. But some members of the media picked it up and ran. Soon, Bill was bowing down at the altar of Al Sharpton and Hillary was back tracking as well. But her back tracking also included a few shots at Obama in the realm of "they are misrepresenting what I said".

Now, Obama never commented on Hillary's comments before that, so I think she was trying to bait him and it worked. Before too long, Obama was down in the mud with her. And now everyone is talking about race, which is exactly what the Clintons wanted.

Some may say that I'm giving Billary too much credit. I don't think so. Bill is a master politician and his wife isn't too far behind. Manipulation is their specialty and I think this was all deliberate. The Clintons wanted race on the forefront and now they have it. Obama's mistake was answering their petty charges and getting in the mud with her. Big mistake. Suddenly, the Democrat party seems to be divided along racial lines.

It's always been my contention that Democrats are the party of racism. In my mind, there is nothing more racist than government handouts and affirmative action, both of which are centerpoints of Democrat domestic policy. But I never thought I'd see two Dem candidates divide the party like this. It's not accidental, folks. This was manufactured by the Clintons. After all, you don't hear much discussion about gender, do you?

Obama may end up benefiting. I know many African-Americans who looked at him as uppity and "not black enough". That may change for him. But there's no doubt that Hillary will benefit. If you get people talking about race - something they weren't talking about before now - then eventually people will ask if a black man can beat the republican in the general election. That kind of doubt is exactly what Hillary wants.



Let Hillary & Obama "manipulate" all they want. It's what they do.

But Come The General Election, the
Democratic nominee will be forced
to answer why No Democrat Had The
Courage to Denounce The Sept 10th NY Times MOVE-ON Full-Page Ad defaming General David Petraeus.

Bold Headline: Gen. BE-TRAY-US!

All Major Democrats Accept Campaign
Money From George Soros. All of these are in bed with this scumbag.
He owns 'em, body and soul.

His CEO Eli Pariser, brags about "Buying the Party" for 'Open Society Institute' on Dec 9th, 2004. Not One Will Deny It, under oath.

'Big-Daddy Soros', "Whatever It Takes!" $ $ $ $ $


Dan Trabue said...

Funny how all those minorities keep voting Dem. You reckon they're too stupid to recognize the Dems as being racist? Or do you suppose they've been deceived? That ~90% of African Americans were tricked into supporting Dems, even though you suspect that the Dems are the party of racism?

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


I keep telling you that by November 2008, the "General Betray us" ad in the 09.10.07 NYT will be forgotten by everyone except you and people who think like you.

Inasmuch as ypu are unlikely in the extreme to vote for a Democrat, harping on the ad is an exercise of preaching to choir. I doubt seriously whether anyone is going to look at a 14 month old ad and say: "Well I was going to vote fpr a Democart but this ad has so offended me that I will now vote for a Republican, regardless of who he may be."

Who owns the GOP? People who many of us believe occupy the same pond water that you believe George Soros occupies.

So what is the lesson? Perhaps it is that there is no moral high ground when it comes to politics.


Whether Loop Garoo believes it or
not, watch the Republican Party
bring up the Sept 10th, 2007 Full-Page
NYTimes Dirty Advertisement.
Oh, MoveOnDotTrash...the


Your Big-time Candidates Hide Under
Their Desks, afraid to condemn it.
Hilarious Hillary choaked and muttered,
"The Willing Suspension of Disbelief".
(They'd all taken too much big money!)

Thank you, Sir George!

"Uncle Georgie" opened up his overcoat,
flashed his dirty genitalia for the world to see. The Source of 'Dubya-Hate' is Revealed!
Old-line party-loyals groaned.

Full Exposure is what he wanted,
and National Exposure he's gonna get. For the Republican's to ignore this major blunder, is unlikely!

I haven't forgotten. reb

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


You fail to take my meaning. Even if the GOP spends millions of dollars on its own ads, no minds will be changed. The best for which you can be hope is that the Republican base will be energized and republicans who would otherwise not vote will go to the polls.

Of course the downside of this strategy is that more you speak about about the "vast conspiracy" the less likely people are to take you seriously.



Loop Garoo Kid,

Your "meaning" is quite clear, but
your defense is Foggy! You Fail To
Derail The Truth-Train, Loop.

When Hillary came to Slick Willy's
Defense when his thoughtless play w/Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office Made Headlines,

Hillary's anguished scream of "It's A Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy!" Whoops, Good Grief!
Right-Wing? We don't think so.
So, This Editor began digging for
a possible...VAST LEFT-WING, and
we uncovered U.F.P.J., George Soros, and a vast array of Hate Merchants and Foundations, masquerading w/ 'Peace' And Justice Groups, Alliances, and very wealthy "Foundations". Wowee! Eureka, We Found It!

Their Bare Hind-Quarters are visable, available for all to see. Jack-Asses, Galore!

or DiscoverTheNetworks.Org for all
the well-documented, gory details. ~ XLNT Search Engine...or just tap S/H Links. Don't let the rascals grind you down.

Remain Aware, Alert & Well Informed! reb


Telegraph, Telephone, and Tell A Woman What We've Found. Generally Speaking, It's 'The Woman Who Rocks The Cradle'...

That Holds the High Moral Ground, while the beer-guzzling macho-man watches American Idol, Pro-Ball & Britney Spears...that most often misses the finer details.

It's the American Woman that shuns
the Black Burkha, and is horrified
w/Suicidal Terrorists! Trust The Mothers-Instinct Majority to face the truth, (and they talk to other women). It's They Who Will Rule the Roost, Come Election Day!

When you are old, you will have learned these things, Loop Garoo.
(Just, ask your wife). reb