Tuesday, June 26, 2007

How long will we drink the Kool Aid?

Take a look at these quotes from Washington. Do they sound familiar?

“Under this conference committee report the resources of the border patrol will double together with assuring additional sums for the INS to perform their functions.”

"...one of the items that has not been mentioned is the debate today is we are doubling up the border patrol. This immigration bill says we are going to get tough with immigration laws; we are going to expedite our exclusionary process; we are going to take care of the backlog; and we are going to blunt the economic magnets that draw these people into the country illegally."

“I believe we should vote to approve this conference report and get a bill to the President. Our country desperately needs to regain control over its borders. This bill will help us start that process and will provide the immediate relief on the border that we need.”

“Universal and mandatory verification of documents is similarly still required.”

“In my judgment, employer sanctions are essential if this country is to regain control of its borders. Indeed, it is our sovereign responsibility to do so…”

“I am glad to see that we are on the brink of resolving this important issue in a constructive and definitive way…In my view it is a good bill. We should all support it and be glad that this long controversy has been finally put to rest.”

“No legislation before this Congress is of higher priority. I am hopeful that enactment of this legislation will help us regain control of our borders and avoid a future repressive public reaction that will fail to distinguish lawful immigrants and refugees from illegal aliens. . … Mr. Speaker, I believe the conference report before us today contains the essential provisions needed for comprehensive immigration reform.”

“I know that this was a troubling issue to many of our colleagues on both sides of the aisle, but I can assure you that it is our intention and the conferees intention that legalization be a “one-time” only event "

“But let me share with you that the alternative to legalization is to go hunt for them…The alternative to legalization is deportation. And the only way you are going to find the persons to deport is to go find them.”

“We will be bringing people out of a shadow economy, people will be paying taxes, people will be coming out in the sunshine, there will not be the abuse of workers, employers will not be able to provide poor-quality jobs for people, they will not be able to oppress people, sanctions will keep a magnet from attracting these people here—all of those things we know…”

"There are millions and millions of illegal aliens in this country that now will have an opportunity to start on the road toward citizenship. They will have the opportunity to come out of the shadows…"

"There has not been a perfect bill to come to this floor, but this bill certainly falls in the classification of making the best out of a bad situation…"

Any guesses? Every one of these arguments were made in support of the Simpson-Mazzoli comprehensive immigration reform bill of 1986. In that bill, amnesty was granted to illegal immigrants while Congress also promised to secure the border once and for all. That bill passed 21 years ago, and we all see how well they've secured our border. And now these idiots expect us to trust them to do what they promised to do 21 years ago. Is it "this time we mean it..."? Or is it "suckers, I can't believe they bought it again...."?

It's interesting to see Ted Kennedy's arguments against Simpson-Mazzoli, and then listen to him support the 2007 amnesty bill. The Left hated the '86 bill, but they love this one. Listen up, folks, IT'S THE SAME BILL. They're basically carbon copies of each other. The only thing different is the year and the number of illegals granted a free pass. This new immigration bill is nothing but a symbol of Congress's failure to enforce their own friggin' laws. What a bunch of inept, incompetent, incomprehensible baboons! Why the hell should we think this will be any different than Simpson-Mazzoli? It will cost the US taxpayer millions, and nothing will be accomplished.

ANY representative or Senator who supports this bill has lost my vote. I'm registered in Florida, and I'm not alone. This bill will sink the Republicans, and be the beginning of the end for the party that ignored it's constituents, and screwed the American people twice on the same issue.


Anonymous said...

Figures. I wasn't around in '86, but I remember reading about it and thinking, "what was Reagan doing?"

This does seem similar...

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I don't know if I already told you or not, but I've changed my blog's name to Counter-Friction Libertarian. If you've got me linked under the old name, feel free to change it. Thanks.