Wednesday, June 13, 2007

For those of you who watch Bill O’Reilly, and maybe a few of you living in Kansas, this story will be familiar. For everyone else, given the lack of media coverage, it will be news. I’ve been following this for a while, and it’s time to comment. In Wichita, Kansas, Dr. George Tiller advertises his Women’s Health Clinic as having “more experience in late abortion services over 24 weeks than anyone else currently practicing in the Western Hemisphere, Europe and Australia”. Well, he certainly can’t be charged with false advertising.

According to some figures, Dr. Tiller has performed thousands of these late term abortions. Yes, late-term meaning at 24 weeks gestation or older. Many states have outlawed late-term abortion, but some still allow it for limited reasons. In Kansas, a late-term abortion can be performed if the pregnancy poses a serious risk of death or permanent disability to the mother. I’m not going to get into the right or wrong of this. It’s Kansas law. I’m a states-rights kind of guy. The law isn’t the issue here.

The issue is how Dr. Tiller defines serious risk. As of now, all that’s required of Dr Tiller is a simple statement for each patient that her pregnancy indeed posed a serious risk of death or disability. If he makes that determination, then he can perform a late-term abortion. He does not have to provide a specific diagnosis. He is, however, obligated to report cases of rape or incest, which may not be happening. I say may not, because there has been a lot of resistance in allowing these medical records to be reviewed.

But some have been looked at, and the findings are startling. One woman received an abortion because the pregnancy prevented her from going to concerts. Another because she was no longer able to participate in rodeos. In many of these cases, the threat of serious harm comes from “depression” or other mental issues which, as you can see from these two cases, are open to one’s own definition. It’s safe to assume that if Dr. Tiller’s records were fully reviewed, we’d find that he likely performed abortions for unwarranted reasons, and that should be concerning for ANYONE, regardless how they feel about Roe v Wade.

So it appears, at least on the surface, that Dr. Tiller is performing late-term abortions with little medical indication. Basically, if a woman wants an abortion, she gets it, and Dr. Tiller uses mental disorders as a fall-back for justifying the procedure. Honestly folks, is someone’s inability to perform in a rodeo grounds for terminating a fetus? Has the sanctity of human life fallen to this level? In a society where more people know about Paris Hilton’s prison sentence than about Dr. Tiller’s murderous practice, this certainly seems to be the case.

The Kansas legislature recently passed a law requiring doctors to provide a specific diagnosis for a later-term abortion. No names or identifying information is required, just a simple reason for doing it. The Governor of Kansas vetoed the bill, citing privacy concerns, yet clearly pandering to the abortion-on-demand feministas. And so Dr. Tiller is allowed to continue his practice unabated. I’m wondering why the people of Kansas tolerate this nonsense.

This was never the intent of Roe v Wade, and it’s cases like this that will ignite more anti-abortion sentiment in this country, which is why I feel it should be a unifying situation. All citizens, pro-abortion and anti-abortion, should be able to unite on this and agree that Dr. Tiller needs to be stopped. But I doubt that will happen. Somehow I see the feminazis sticking by him, somehow protecting a woman’s right to engage in unprotected and irresponsible sex.

I’ve often wondered before why it’s so difficult to simply use birth control. And if birth control fails then why does it take nearly 6 months to decide that you no longer want to have a baby. Seems to me that would be clear from day one, and thus late-term abortions simply wouldn’t be necessary. But the feminazis won’t give any ground on this. They want the right to kill a child right up to the point where the head has emerged from the birth canal, and some want that right even after that point. Women’s rights has gotten out of control in this country, now to the point where the rights of baby’s have been trampled upon. No one seems to be able to make a sound argument that a human fetus does not constitute a human life, and yet the extremists have no problems ending that life for so much as the convenience of the mother. Again I ask, if a society does not protect the sanctity of all human life, at what point will it eventually fail to protect ANY human life? And so we find ourselves again on the slippery slope, and people (using the word loosely) like Dr. Tiller emerge, willing to kill any baby just so long as the mother brings her checkbook.

I challenge anyone to make the argument for Dr. Tiller’s practice without sounding like a maniacal fool. This is reckless abuse of human life, even though the human rights groups are silent on the matter, and it is wrecking the lives of many women as well. Read this chilling account from one of Dr. Tiller’s patients if you need more perspective.

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