Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The GOP candidates had their chance to debate in New Hampshire yesterday. I wasn’t very impressed. Michael Reagan once said that the only difference between a Republican and a Democrat is that it will take one week longer for the Republican to become a Communist. I tend to see what he means every day. Here are some of the debate’s highlights:

- CNN sucks at this. They asked two of the most irrelevant questions I’ve ever heard: Do you think gays should be allowed to openly serve in the military?, and Do you believe in evolution? (which is the second time this was asked, the first being at the MSNBC debate). Two words…who cares? We’re engaged in a world war for our survival. If we lose, there will be no military and America will become a radical Muslim nation in a radical Muslim world. If that happens, the gays will be executed for their behavior. Military service would be the least of their concerns. And these idiots at CNN want to talk about some social experiment with the military that’s fighting this war? It’s incredibly ridiculous and expresses the Left’s vast lack of understanding of what we face today. Romney and Guiliani did well with this question, as did McCain. Huckabee was brilliant when answering the evolution question, saying that he doesn’t see the relevance, that he is running for President, not asking to write an 8th grade science book. Good job!

- As these questions were asked, there was no discussion about our current tax system, and no discussion about Social Security. We’re facing perhaps the most unfair tax system since we were dumping tea in Boston Harbor, and the Social Security system is crippled. It’s threatening our economy, and will become a major hindrance to several generations if it’s not fixed. But these things weren’t discussed! I am extremely disappointed about this, and it’s not all CNN’s fault. The candidates need to make it clear where they stand on these two issues and fast.

- Ron Paul has embraced the role of the kooky Ross Perot-type candidate. He’s the Kucinich of the GOP, and yes he frightens me just as much as Kucinich. He actually said Iran is not a threat to our national security! Really! A nation that advocates the complete destruction of Israel and attacks on America while supporting global terrorism and actively pursuing nuclear weapons is NOT a threat to us. This guy needs to become a Democrat.

- Tom Tancredo gets the award for cheap shots, saying he wouldn’t allow Bush to darken the door of the White House. He was trying to look tough and “anti-Bush” but it didn’t work. He’s starting to sound whiny and inconsequential. I once thought he’d be a good VP candidate, but now I’m having second thoughts.

- Romney did well, again looking very Presidential, and has a good plan for healthcare.

- McCain shined when speaking to a woman who lost her brother in Iraq. I may not agree with him on much, but I do feel he is a patriot and things like this will regain some of the favor he’s losing on immigration.

- Guiliani did well when speaking about abortion, and yes lightning DID actually strike while he was addressing the issue. Granted, he’s wrong about it, and it will hurt him with the GOP base, but he may pull some blue-dog democrat voters because of this.

- Brownback said the GOP shouldn’t support a candidate who wasn’t pro-life, then said he’d support the GOP nominee regardless. That says to me that party loyalty trumps individual principles in Brownback’s eyes. He officially lost any chance of getting my vote because of this.

- Huckabee did very well on the evolution question, and when asked what was the biggest moral problem this nation faces (his answer: our failure to respect and glorify human life…I couldn’t have said it better myself)

- Duncan Hunter has the best platform of anyone on the stage, but the guy has to work on his delivery. He needs to watch and learn from Guiliani on how to look tough and ready to take on the Democrats.

All in all I think Guiliani looked the most impressive. He attacked the Democrats’ policies, not his GOP opponents’. He looked like a tiger eager to dig his teeth into Hillary, and I think that’s what appeals to the GOP base. Although I’m not sure about voting for him, I have to admit that it would be very entertaining to see him and Hillary debating. With Hillary’s skills (or lack thereof), I think Guiliani would tear her apart on just about every issue and certainly on defense. It would be brutal. But his pro-abortion position will likely keep me from voting for him. I can look past his gun-control and gay-marriage positions, but not this one.

As for my vote, among the Republicans still in the running…I’m leaning towards Romney, with Hunter and Huckabee still possible and Guiliani possible but highly unlikely. Among the Democrats, Bill Richardson is the only one I’d consider voting for at this time (although I’d have to overlook his pro-abortion stance, which I’m simply not willing to do, being pro-abortion is a deal-killer in my mind). Gingrich probably wouldn’t get my vote because of his adulterous behavior, although he has a phenomenal grasp on the issues, what a shame. Fred Thompson may, but he needs to stop waffling and commit soon, then make a strong early case for his candidacy, starting with taxes and social security.



Your analysis of the debates closely parallel my own, and

Characterizing Ron Paul as the GOP's Dennis Kucinich was perfect!

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Anonymous said...

Call me crazy, but that lightening strike was no accident! God knows what's going on. Guiliani is officially "on notice." --Deano

Anonymous said...

I don't really mind Ron Paul's anti-war views that much. He's basically said he's gonna cut the Department of Education, Homeland Security, and IRS. He's got my vote.