Friday, February 09, 2007

Pelosi feels Congress should pass emissions restrictions

Will Pelosi include those restrictions on her own personal Air Force jet? However, I have to give her some credit, at least she is now stating that increasing nuclear power should be an option on the table. I guess it’s a start.

Boston Globe reporter compares global warming deniers to holocaust deniers.

This is incredible. I can’t accurately describe the harshness of the language in Ellen Goodman’s piece, so it’s best for you to read yourself. Basically, because I question the "now certain fact" that humans are changing the earth’s climate I am likened to someone who denies the holocaust. This is a fascinating mindset. The "believers" are so convinced of the reality of human induced climate change that they perceive it as something that has already happened, like the holocaust.

Let me be clear for Ms Goodman and her stooges. The Holocaust was real because it happened. Human induced climate change is a theory, a theory with a good amount of conflicting evidence. If it had already happened, there wouldn’t be much debate about it right? This comparison is way off base. But then she reveals her true intentions by ripping into Bush and his "science be damned" administration. So, there it is, this is all about politics after all. And she has the gall to say that the "deniers" are in it for political gain.

She seems to think, along with all the other believers, that the UN’s conclusion should have ended the debate, that the "deniers" should be satisfied with the "truth" because the UN now says it’s real. Baloney. To echo Dennis Miller, the fact that the UN says it’s true makes me less likely to believe it. So maybe this is more about trust in the UN than the environment? Who knows? But Ms Goodman and the Boston Globe need to be careful with the language they use. Just because I don’t blindly accept questionable science, doesn’t mean I’m anything like a Holocaust denier.


John said...

Nancy Pelosi is several cards short of a full deck... I can't stand this broad. She needs a good slappin' around to make her understand that she isn't God's gift to the world, as most liberals seem to believe they are.

And isn't it ironic that those who believe that global warming is caused by the 'actions of man' is real? All the while those who believe that global warming is real are living a political lie?

The whole global warming issue is indeed a theory, a theory which can not be proven to be real in my view.

The scientific community doesn't even have a unilateral opinion on this! Global Warming is a great big political lie which exists only for the benefit of those with political agendas and special interests.

It's so sad that so many Americans and others on this planet have been totally tricked into believing a lie! But Satan is a tricky bastard.

dan said...

As Jeff Jacoby's article of several days ago pointed out in the same editorials back page of the Globe: This UN report that keeps getting the press it has been getting, is NOT the report of the scientists commissioned to investigate the matter of global warming, it is the EXECUTIVE SUMMARY that is written by politicos. The last UN report on global warming contradicted in many important ways the EXECUTIVE SUMMARY of that report which was released months in advance of the scientists' report.

Anonymous said...

Whether global warming exists or not what gives the government the right to regulate buissness?

Answer: nothing.

John The Patriot said...

Great comments, guys. Dan, thanks for clarifying. It appears that the deeper we get into the workings of the UN the more their anti-US bias comes out. Thanks for the comments.

Darth Chaos said...

How convenient that the bitch from the Boston Globe equate global warming skepticism with Holocaust denial, while at the same time that fake-liberal neolib piece of bovine excrement Sheila Jackson-Lee introduces HR 254 which will be used to criminalize hate speech. Global warming skepticism is the newest thoughtcrime.