Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Pelosi demands large Air Force plane for personal use

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi continues to buck the trend in a huge way. Not too long ago, she pushed to have American Samoa exempt from the proposed minimum wage increase, mainly because of the lobby of StarKist Tuna – a contributor from her home district. Now, she is asking for an Air Force military plane to act as her own private shuttle from Washington to San Francisco.

Prior speaker, Denny Hastert, had this to some extent, although his plane was much smaller and less costly than what Pelosi wants, and the Pentagon stated that it was necessary for security reasons. Before him, members of Congress used commercial flights for travel. Pelosi wants the bigger plane so her family and whatever friends she chooses can fly with her, and John Murtha is backing her 100% - demanding that the Pentagon give her "whatever she wants". Someone needs to tell Pelosi that she is NOT the President.

It’s not necessary for me to talk about how abusive this is of her power. I think anyone of sound mind can clearly see that. It was wrong for Hastert to do it, regardless of what the Pentagon thought, and it’s wrong for Pelosi to do it. The military has NO constitutional obligation to provide for members of Congress – NONE. Remember, it’s all part of the balance of power in Washington. Congress controls military funding, so any special treatment members of Congress get from the military should be eliminated. There’s a plain and simple conflict of interest. Where are the Lefties now? Why aren’t they chanting "abuse of power" here? The politics in this country have reached new, ever more nauseating levels.

Pelosi is NOT entitled to a private Air Force plane. She is not entitled to expect the US taxpayer to foot that bill. That’s nowhere in her list of Congressional perks, and the very idea that she requests this should raise some SERIOUS questions about who exactly she’s looking out for in this country. This is sickening to say the least. She should fly commercial, coach, like the rest of us, damn her sense of entitlement. This is a slap in the face of the citizens who put her in office in hopes of curbing government waste and eliminating the corruption in Washington that we were so fed up with from the Republicans.

This blog will be quick to bring this up every time she starts squawking about "looking out for the little guy" or "saving the planet from global warming" or "reducing wasteful government spending". I guess when she and Al Gore recommend Americans reduce their energy use and carbon "footprint" who they're really addressing is Americans less important than them. This elitist attitude has gotten old, and neither party is innocent. But I thought Pelosi was supposed to "drain the swamp" in Washington. Her hypocrisy is somewhere in the stratosphere, right next to her ego. Remember this. This is the real Nancy Pelosi. This is the real Democratic Congress.


Anonymous said...

We could always give her an F-16, in Iraq.

Seriously though, Nancy Pelosi has quite a nerve denouncing the war and the military in general and then getting a USAF aircraft.

John said...

Everyone is ranting on this subject, including myself... The only thing Nancy Pelosi deserves is a one-way ticket back to California where she should stay, living out her life staying out of the public eye.

She is disgusting. Go home, Pelosi!

John The Patriot said...

Yes she is, John. And, in the interest of fairness, I was willing to give her a shot to prove herself as a representative of the people. It's only February, and she's already violated that trust in my book.