Friday, December 08, 2006

I'm back!

I have returned from vacation. Hope you all did not miss me too much. I tried to leave a more thought provoking post so you could have an entire week to chew on it. But I'm back now, please don't applaud too loudly. Today, it's a look around the headlines.

Britney says she went a little too far

First, I don't really care about Britney Spears. I have never had any concern for her of her annoying attempts at making music. So when she flashes her crotch at people, it doesn't really spark any thoughts from me except one: how closely does Britney Spears come to being an accurate example of how today's generation raises their children. I've seen the pictures of the car seat controversy and the film of her nearly dropping her kid after stumbling - mainly because her other hand was occupied by a beverage of some sort. And now this. Today's generation just doesn't know how to raise kids, they're simply too selfish for it. Case in point, Britney loves media attention so much that she obviously doesn't care how flashing her crotch may affect her kids one day. You're a mother, Britney, you need to start acting like it. Indeed, so do many of us.

Dems may block pay raise

Once again, Congress is due for another pay raise. I guess they don't get paid enough for working 3 months a year, sitting on their butts when they're not playing golf or taking money from lobbyists, and generally wasting tax payer money. What they make now is not enough to cover their private jet book writing lifestyle. It's a tough job and I guess they feel they should be paid appropriately. If that were true, then they'd OWE us money, but this is politics in Washington. So, I find it intriguing when the Dems start talking about canning the pay raise for this year. Sounds great, and regardless of their motive I tip my hat to them. But if they want to impress me they should make the pay raise every two years and put it on the ballot. If we are the "boss" then we, the voters, should decide if our Congressmen get a raise.

Senate rivalry beginning to brew

Barak Obama is Hillary's worst nightmare. At one time, she had the '08 Dem nomination wrapped until this guy mentions that he might run and suddenly she is old news. She's worried and she has good reason. Obama is a great candidate. I may not agree with him politically, and there isn't much chance that he would get my vote (unless McCain ran against him), but I have to admit that he has the likability and charisma that could put him in the White House. Not only that, but he'd eat Hillary's lunch in a debate. Watching her squirm would be a lot of fun.

Forecaster sees busy 2007 hurricane season

Hmmm, where have I heard this before???

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